With the ongoing uncertainty of the global pandemic, travellers remain vulnerable to restrictions around borders, quarantine periods and holiday cancellations. This tension remains of primary concern to residents of the US, Brazil, Russia and across Asia. As never before, the freedom of unrestricted travel through a second passport is a compelling insurance to claim back control of your independence.

If you are looking for outstanding value, and fast options to unlock global travel freedom, real estate investment in Dominica is your solution. This option offers you a second passport in just two months, by purchasing a property with lucrative benefits:

  • Global mobility and visa-free access to 137 countries, Inc. EU & UK
  • Between 2-6 weeks annual family holiday entitlement
  • Annual Rental Income of 3-4%

Why Is Dominica Citizenship through Real Estate the Optimal Solution?

  1. Dominica citizenship through real estate investment offers outstanding value, with the lowest required investment levels throughout the Caribbean.
  2. Zero additional donations to the government fund are required.
  3. $200,000 investment – regardless of how many family members are included in the application.
  4. Wider choice of eligible premium properties at competitive prices compared to other Caribbean countries.
  5. Extensive choice of investment options – luxury hotel units, villas, and resorts with choices of freehold, whole ownership, or fractional ownership.
  6. Real estate that works hard for you. Several real estate projects offer excellent rental return schemes with around 3-4 % annual rental income.
  7. Free luxury family Caribbean holidays; when investing in hotels and luxury resorts, you are entitled to 2-6 weeks holiday allowance.
  8. A mandatory investment term of just three years, after which you can resell the property to recoup the investment without affecting your citizenship.
  9. Only safe, secure government-approved projects are eligible for the Dominica second passport programme, for peace of mind and guaranteed investment.

Dominica Real Estate Offers:

Share in a Luxury Resort 

$ 220,000

An opportunity to invest in an award-winning luxury resort development located on the tranquil beach of Douglas Bay, in Cabrits National Park. The project is managed by a world-class hotel brand and promises to be a hideaway resort ranking amongst the top Caribbean destinations. Offering guests a memorable journey and creating rich and meaningful experiences it has already won numerous awards.

Share in a Five-Star Resort 

$ 220,000

One of the most anticipated all-inclusive Caribbean Hotels located on Picard Beach; this luxurious all-inclusive hotel resort is included in Marriott International’s portfolio of properties. The resort comprises 128 guest suites with private dip pools and pool lounges, swim-up bars in infinity pools, speciality dining restaurants, a lavish ballroom and a spa oasis.

Luxury Villas for Whole Ownership

$ 255,000

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a luxurious villa in an award-winning boutique hotel. The resort is renowned for being ecologically friendly, with 120 luxury villas and facilities include a spa, yoga centre, conference facilities, restaurants and a bar. There are also swimming pools, outdoor trails, a zip line and water sports centre providing a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Luxury Hotel Unit for Whole Ownership

$ 300,000

Presenting an exciting opportunity to invest in a full title property in a luxury hotel resort located on the Picard Beach. This prestigious five-star resort is all-inclusive and offers 200 premium guest rooms. With a reputation for an outstanding focus on being environmentally friendly, the setting provides incredible panoramic views all nestled within 12 acres of prime beachfront land on a gently sloping vista.

Luxury Swim-up Suite for Full Ownership

$ 320,000

A luxurious full-title unit in a hotel resort approved for the Dominica Citizenship Program. The 200-room luxury five-star resort sets the standard for eco-chic resort living. It is located on 12 acres of gently sloping beachfront land, offering panoramic vistas of the town of Portsmouth, and Guadeloupe in the distance.

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