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Share in a five-star resort in Dominica

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Share in a five-star resort in Dominica
Share in a five-star resort in Dominica - 2
Share in a five-star resort in Dominica - 3
Share in a five-star resort in Dominica
Share in a five-star resort in Dominica - 2
Share in a five-star resort in Dominica - 3


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Eric Chou
International Property Advisor, Second Citizenship & Residency Consultant
+44 207 292 2977
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One of the most anticipated all-inclusive Caribbean Hotels located on Picard beach.


$220,000 — share purchase.

ID #: DP002. More information and photos available on request.


This luxurious all-inclusive hotel resort is included in Marriott International’s portfolio of properties, comprising 128 guest suites with private dip pools and pool lounges, swim-up bars in infinity pools, speciality dining restaurants, a lavish ballroom and a spa oasis. It is located on 12 acres of prime property at picturesque Picard Beach, Portsmouth on the northern portion of the island of Dominica.


The resort is a short walk from the world-renowned Ross University School of Medicine, which is not only tastefully designed but also strategically located.  The property supplies an outstanding socially and financially discerning opportunity for those looking for citizenship through investment in real estate and, as a part of the premium Auto­graph Collection, is included in the quickest developing brand of Marri­ott International.


Whether fully or fractionally owned, all properties are maintained by the resort and not made available for residential liv­ing.  By forming part of the resort’s room inventory, each unit is entered into a rotation system whereby each unit participates on an equitable basis.


Benefits of ownership:


• Share certificate reflecting your financial interest

• Yearly return of 2% paid at the construction phase

• Professional property management

• Passport of Dominica

• Vacation entitlement for 2 weeks p/a for personal use

• Regular rental income

• In 3 years, the property may be sold without affecting your citizenship

• Property may be resold to another applicant in 5 years

• Tax ID number


  • Icons one visit
    Vacation entitlement for 2 weeks per year
  • Icons taxes1
    A 2% return payable to the investor during the construction phase
  • Icons sra
    Professional property management
  • Icons investment hold
    Regular rental income
  • Icons cyprus passport
    Citizenship of Dominica application reviewed in 2 months
  • Icons taxes3
    Property can be resold to another applicant in 5 years
  • Icons investment2
    The property can be sold after 3 years
  • Icons clean criminal record
    Shares certificate reflecting your interest