US citizens have always had a chance to obtain a second citizenship. The most popular options have been citizenship through origin, marriage or investment. Before the crisis, Americans usually opted for the two former methods to get another passport. In 2020, everything has changed: Americans’ demand for government-approved investment citizenship has grown by an astonishing 700%. 

The power of origin and feelings

The list of countries that enable origin-based citizenship is extensive. These include Canada, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Mexico, Vietnam, Israel, Brazil, Austria, Hungary and Spain.

If your ancestors originated from these countries and you have the documents to prove it, you can apply for a passport of your country of origin. Americans whose ancestors came to the US from other countries obtain a second passport “just in case” – out of interest to their grandparents’ culture or with a view of living between two countries in the future.

Another means of naturalisation is marriage. In the modern world, alternative citizenship, especially EU citizenship, is an important asset. Given the pandemic and the internal policy of the US, many Americans who married foreigners are willing to obtain a second passport.

Investment opportunities

In 2020, US nationals – who would never consider an alternative citizenship before – have been submitting an increasing number of applications for a second passport. In the first place, this decision is influenced by the opportunity to travel the world without limitations.

Choice of citizenship depends on the investor’s budget and preferences. Affluent Americans are particularly interested in the Government Approved EU immigration programmes – Citizenship by Investment for Malta, as well as the Caribbean programmes.

  • The passport of Malta enables visa-free travel to 182 countries including the EU, the UK and Canada. You can obtain this passport by investing €896,000–€1,150,000. Maltese citizenship allows you to live, work and study in any EU country. According to the Maltese Citizenship by Investment programme, investors can obtain citizenship for themselves, their spouses, children under 26 years old and parents.
  • Citizenships of Caribbean countries are the most demanded solutions on the investment migration market. In 2020, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme has been recognised as the best in the world for the fourth time in a row. It’s followed by other Caribbean programmes for foreign investors.

Dominica’s passport ensures visa-free travel to 137 countries including the EU and the UK, Antigua and Barbuda’s to 140 countries, St Lucia’s to 132 countries, and Grenada’s to 143 countries. The minimum investment required by the Caribbean countries starts at $100,000. Document processing is 100% remote. You can receive a passport in just 60 days.

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