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How to Get EU Citizenship in only 180 Days

For those who want the freedom for their family to live and work in the UK and Europe, it’s incredible to think that you could be a single investment and 180 days away from achieving that very prospect.

Lara beach, Cyprus

There is such an array of benefits to living and working within the UK and EU that it is no wonder so many Russians and other non EU nationals are looking to do just that. However, if you wish to enjoy that access to Europe, its universities and diverse cultures, there are obstacles ahead – namely, restrictions on movement and business activities. Could Cyprus citizenship by investment be the answer? If so, what can you as a Russian do about it?


Cyprus passport and EU access in only 180 days


The Cyprus passport ranks as one of the best in the world, offering visa-free access to 159 countries worldwide, including 28 EU countries – and thanks to the country’s well-established relationship with Russia, a Russian national can make €2 million residential property investment in Cyprus, and secure Cyprus citizenship within only 180 days.


The process of obtaining citizenship in Cyprus is not only remarkably quick, but also remarkably simple. It requires only a one-time visit to the island to provide biometrics for the permanent residence permit, and to swear an oath whilst enjoying residency status until the issuance of the Cyprus passport 180 days later. There is no medical testing, and there is no language testing. Furthermore, the passport is available for all the family: spouse, children, adult dependants in further education and adult dependants with physical or mental disabilities and parents.


Cyprus the compelling tax jurisdiction


So if that isn’t an attractive-enough proposition on its own, why else might a Russian national look to attain a Cyprus passport?

With corporation tax at only 12.5%, zero inheritance tax, and up to 17 years of zero taxation for non-domiciled individuals, Cyprus has clear and obvious benefits for those looking to protect their estate.


Additionally, Cyprus is an extremely Russia-friendly location, with over 400,000 Russians living on the island. In fact, the port of Limassol is considered the Russian capital of Cyprus, and there are many thriving industries – including oil and gas, solar energy, shipping, tourism and real estate – that offer tremendous business opportunities to residents. Along with Cyprus’s geographical advantages as a gateway from Europe into Asia and Africa, it is clear that the island has a huge amount to offer.


Cyprus: Member of the EU since 2004


That said, it is Cyprus’s status as an EU member that remains for many Russians its most attractive characteristic. After all, that simple fact means that with a Cyprus passport, you and your family can live in the UK or any other EU country, whether it be Germany, France, Sweden or Spain. Naturally, you’ll then be able to enjoy all the other benefits of being a citizen of the EU including work, investment, study and visa free travel.


With a Cyprus passport, therefore, you and your family will have:


  • Access to many of the world’s top universities and England’s best private schools with reduced university fees that are applicable to EU citizens.

  • No requirement to file company accounts or make complex audit submissions, as is mandatory in the UK for non-EU nationals.

  • No restrictions on investing in UK property.

  • No restrictions on transferring funds from foreign accounts due to the source of wealth or transferring funds between any EU member states.

  • None of the visa hassles and cumbersome visa applications that typically trouble non-EU nationals seeking to live and work in the UK.

  • The opportunity to trade freely throughout the EU.

  • The right of residence in the UK as an EU citizen, without restriction, and the option of applying for permanent UK residence in 3 simple steps after 5 years.

  • The freedom to move around and live in all of the EU’s 28 member states.

  • The freedom to travel visa free to over 159 countries in the world, including any of the 28 EU states.


Russians want more freedom


If you are a Russian who wants the freedom for their family to live and work in the UK and Europe, it’s incredible to think that you could be a single investment and 180 days away from achieving that very prospect. 


To invest €2 million and take the steps you need to acquire your Cyprus passport now, contact Astons and speak to one of our multilingual immigration advisors today.


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