Governmental programmes that offer citizenship in return for investment are becoming increasingly popular. Between 2011 and 2018, the number of these programmes has risen from two to twelve whereas the attracted investment has leapfrogged from $43 million to $3 billion. More and more countries are considering their own Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIP) for affluent foreigners to boost investment and support the local economy.

According to Immigration Daily, 14 governments have been discussing the prospects of a CIP programme lately. Among them, experts name Albania, Kenya, Mauritius and Greece. Encouraged by the success of the Montenegrin CIP, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama voiced an initiative to launch a similar programme in his country. The authorities of Kenya and Mauritius also announced their CIP plans.

As for Greece, the new government of the country that took office in June 2019 has recently optimised their Residency by Investment Programme (RIP). Greece has extended the eligibility criteria for RIP and introduced tax breaks. According to analysts, the Greek authorities are seriously considering a Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Aside from the mentioned countries, immigration programmes for international HNWIs are being discussed in North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Tuvalu. Citizens of these countries have a right to visa-free travel to the Schengen zone.

If you’d like to benefit from the new governmental programmes, global investment immigration company Astons recommends you to address immigration experts right away. Thus you’ll become the first programme members and will have a chance to apply immediately when the immigration routes are unveiled.

Also, the Astons experts recommend that you act without delay in regard to the UK investor programme and apply for the Tier 1 Investor visa in the nearest future. After the Conservatives’ win in the elections, Boris Johnson’s government is planning to reform the immigration policy. In practice, this means that the requirements will become tougher and the visa costs will increase.

In any case, while the new Residency and Citizenship by Investment programmes are being developed, you can take advantage of the seasoned immigration schemes. Such as the popular CIP programmes of Cyprus, Turkey, Vanuatu and the Caribbean states.

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