Many foreign investors obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda within the country’s Government Approved Citizenship by Investment programme so they can travel to 140 countries without a visa.

According to the experts at Astons, the most demanded destinations are the UK, the Schengen zone countries, Hong Kong and Singapore. These are the places that Antigua and Barbuda passport holders visit most often for business and leisure purposes.

As Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the British Commonwealth, citizens of this Caribbean country can enter the UK without a visa and spend up to 180 days a year in the country.

Holders of Antigua and Barbuda passports who visit the Schengen zone enjoy visa-free entry and can spend 90 days out of 180, or three months per every half a year, in Europe.

Citizens of this Caribbean state can enter and visit Singapore for 30 days and Hong Kong for 90 days, which is specifically relevant for investors with business interests in Asia.

Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda have on their list 140 countries that they can visit without a visa (most of the destinations) or process a visa upon arrival. For example, a passport of Antigua and Barbuda unlocks free entry to any EU country, whereas on visiting Cambodia, Nepal or Madagascar citizens of the Caribbean country will get an instant visa upon arrival.

Another perk enjoyed by citizens of Antigua and Barbuda is the opportunity to obtain a 10-year B-2 tourist visa to the US so they can stay 180 per year in America. Also, holders of Antigua and Barbuda passports can apply for a US visa in any US consulate in the world.

Yet another benefit is free education in the University of the West Indies which adheres to the British educational system. A student from the investor’s family will get a grant to cover tuition costs. An investor family of six can use this privilege by donating $150,000 to the Fund of the University. This sum includes both the donation and data processing fees.

You can obtain the passport of Antigua and Barbuda by donating at least $100,000 or investing at least $200,000 in property. The country’s immigration programme launched in 2013 attracts family investors: you can add to the application your spouse, children, parents and grandparents. The minimum investment for a family of four is just $100,000.

The application is processed very quickly. In just 3-4 months after the application is submitted, your family members and yourself will become citizens of this Caribbean state.

To apply for Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship, you need to contact the official consultants who specialise in the Caribbean immigration programmes. Experienced lawyers at Astons will analyse your needs and budget, suggest an optimal investment scenario and help you obtain second citizenship with a guaranteed result.

For further information or to discuss your personal circumstances in a private consultation, please contact your nearest office.