Vanuatu, currently offering two Citizenship-by-Investment (CIP) programmes, has registered record CIP revenues for the first four months of 2019. The sum raised almost matched the entire showing of 2017.

More specifically, the Vanuatu Treasury’s monthly reports indicate CIP incomes of VT3.4 billion (US$29 million) by late April. The total for 2017 amounted to US$31.6 million which, in its turn, surpassed the year of 2016 by 19 percent.

The government of Vanuatu thus reached 75 percent of its overall 2019 budget goal by April with eight more months ahead. Apparently, the local programme helped Vanuatu outperform their own modest estimate of VT 4.5 billion for 2019.

The Vanuatu Treasury tends not to split CIP revenues from Vanuatu Contribution Programme (VCP) and the Vanuatu Development Support Programme (VDSP), yet the local agents maintain that the China-only VCP accounts for the predominant part of the cashflow.

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