Explore the fast-track route to global mobility and increased security with a 2nd passport obtained in just 1 month.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment – become a global citizen with a fast-track Vanuatuan passport giving you visa-free access to over 125 countries within just one month. A world-class and highly safe citizenship programme offering a straightforward and fast-track application process with no requirement for a physical presence in the country.


Sound attractive? Check out these top 5 programme benefits:

1. Fast processing with a second passport acquired in just 1 month

2. Visa-free access to over 125 countries including Schengen member states, the UK, Singapore, Russia

3. Favourable tax regime – no personal taxation, wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, gift taxes or income taxes

4. Citizenship application can include spouse / children, dependent children in education, parents and grandparents

5. No physical residence or visit is required


What are the minimum capital requirements?

Vanuatu offers a straightforward Citizenship acquisition process with capital requirements from $130,000 as a non-refundable contribution (donation) to a local development fund. The amount is dependent on how many family members are applying with you and is legal fees exclusive.

Capital Requirements depending on how many persons apply:

  • $130,000 – for a single application
  • $150,000 – married couple application
  • $165,000 – married couple with 1 child under 18
  • $180,000 – married couple with 2 children under 18

Want to start your journey to Vanuatu citizenship today?

Astons is your one-stop for Vanuatu citizenship acquisition, with citizenship application submission managed by our highly qualified citizenship advisers and lawyers.

Astons is a leading global immigration advisory firm with offices. For further information or to discuss your personal circumstances in a private consultation, please contact Astons at [email protected].