The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) has been one of the most popular and cost-efficient in the industry.

The minimum investment is just $130,000 and applicants can receive the Vanuatu citizenship in just one month. The passport of this country allows for visa-free travel to 125 countries including the EU, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Vanuatu also offers a very relaxed taxation regime with no wealth taxes, inheritance taxes or income taxes for income generated outside of the country.

Good news for the Vanuatu CIP participants! Now, you don’t have to travel to Vanuatu to take the Oath of Allegiance or invite a consul/commissioner to your country of residence (which may be a costly procedure). You can just take the oath via a video conference and collect your passport on the next and last step.

If you have any questions regarding the Vanuatu programme, feel free to contact the Astons experts.