An ultra rich European family purchased a £65 million house in an undisclosed prime location in London right after the Conservatives’ winning the election. The deal was processed by a luxury real estate agency Beauchamp Estates. Based on the information from Guardian, the affluent buyer wouldn’t complete the purchase until the election results were announced.

Gary Hersham of Beauchamp Estates commented that the house was one of the most expensive properties in the country. However, he refused to provide the details.

The Conservative Party got the majority of seats in the Parliament. This outcome enables Johnson to effectuate his Brexit plan. Following the win, Beauchamp Estates received dozens of calls from foreign HNWIs interested in luxurious UK property.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn pledged to deal with the rich, introduce a steep super-rich tax and bring radical changes to the British economy. As a result, British and foreign millionaires had more reasons to fear for their wealth under the Labour government.

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