The French Riviera is an intoxicating mix of breathtaking scenery, golden beaches, and a seemingly endless blue sea—Monaco is the Cote D’Azur’s crown jewel, with the casinos in Monaco providing the sparkle. 

It may only be the size of Central Park, but what it lacks in space, Monaco more than makes up for in joie de vivre. The best that life offers is simply the standard of living in Monaco for those jetting in for a city break or choosing to settle there.

The Principality attracts millions of visitors annually, drawn to its stunning coastal location and wealth – in all its forms. 

The Grand Prix is the highlight of the social calendar, but for those who enjoy living life to the fullest, staying at the renowned Hôtel de Paris, enjoying the finest food, visiting the array of high-end boutiques, and, of course, visiting some of the best casinos in the world are also required activities.

The best casinos in Monaco

The casinos in Monaco are some of the best in the world, offering a unique and intoxicating mix of luxurious surroundings steeped in history, impeccable service, and a vast range of games to suit any gambling enthusiast.

Here are the most luxurious ones that Monaco has to offer.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monte Carlo’s most luxurious casino is also woven into the very fabric of Monaco’s history.

In the 1850s, the Prince of Monaco was beset with financial difficulties that threatened the ruling House of Grimaldi with bankruptcy. A new way to generate income was sorely needed, and his shrewd spouse, Princess Caroline, came up with the idea of opening a casino.

The rest, as they say, is history. Speaking of history, having the privilege of visiting the Casino de Monte-Carlo is a step back in time to a golden age of optimism and prosperity in the Principality.

Constructed in the Belle Epoque style, the most striking feature of the external facade is the famous clock, which sits between two torch-bearing statues.

The exterior will also be familiar to film fans, as it has been the backdrop for many feature films and music videos, most notably the James Bond series.

Standing in the Casino de Monte-Carlo, you simultaneously feel like 007 and incredibly insignificant due to its mystique and grandeur—Marvel at the opulent interior, with its imposing stained-glass windows and ornate sculptures.

The luxury doesn’t end at the casino floor. Bohemian crystal chandeliers light your way to the gaming tables, each handmade by the best artisans.

The croupiers themselves live up to their title of the very best in the business, directing the casino’s exceptional selection of games, including: 

  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Punto Banco
  • Trente et Quarante

Slot machine aficionados are catered to in the striking Salle Renaissance and Salle des Amériques.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo also has the best luxury VIP rooms in Monaco. 

Salle Blanche offers the opportunity to play indoors or outdoors, with a terrace providing the privilege of gazing out over the Mediterranean as you play under the stars. 

And if you fancy a drink in between hands, Le Bar Salle Blanche is a work of art, thanks to its striking handmade mosaic design. 

Salle Médecin has hosted some of Casino de Monte-Carlo’s most prestigious events- from concerts and galas to exclusive dinners – and the world’s most important players. 

Such is the grandeur of these magnificent spaces, nearly identical, with intricate touches of opulent detail distinguishing them apart.

Both rooms boast high ceilings, elaborate decorations, massive chandeliers of crystal and gold, and something you will only find in one of the most prestigious casinos in Monaco – a clock.

While the rooms are open for tours in the morning, they revert to exclusive and private gaming spaces mid-day. 

VIP visitors to the Casino de Monte-Carlo can also enjoy a warm welcome at some of the Principality’s most exclusive areas and invitations to private gala events – including the hottest tickets in town.

Casino Café De Paris

Just a stone’s throw from the Casino de Monte-Carlo, you will find the Casino Café De Paris, and despite being housed in a building that shares the same architectural style, the ultra-modern interior could not be more different. 

The science fiction theme allows for a different type of luxury, with unique lighting installations and space-age decor evoking a futuristic feeling.

Massive arches emit rays of color that change throughout the day and night, evoking various moods and creating an ambiance of perfect inspiration for an evening spent at the gaming tables or slot machines.

The Café De Paris has the largest selection of slots on the Riviera and a private room with 22 special high-stakes machines and VIP service to match the quality of the surroundings. 

The casino floor offers all the table games you would expect from one of the premier casinos in Monaco, and you can enjoy some al fresco gaming on one of two outdoor terraces.

There’s also a world-class restaurant to be enjoyed in the casino. When you’re finished gambling, you can end your evening in the same luxurious fashion as you started – enjoying a nightcap overlooking Place Du Casino.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel is owned by Société des Bains de Mer, which also owns Hotel de Paris, Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Monte Carlo Beach Club, and other luxury hotels and restaurants in the Principality.

Staying here opens up a world of opportunities to enjoy the benefits of these other locations. 

Still, this beautiful waterfront venue is a luxurious experience in itself, thanks to its vast expanse of lavish gardens, solariums, and a famous man-made lagoon, which is one of the hotel’s most significant selling points.

The Monte Carlo Bay Casino is also a hidden gem. Although it may be small in Monte Carlo casino terms, it offers just as lavish a casino experience, particularly for fans of slot machines.

There are no traditional gaming tables; this is a state-of-the-art gambling experience with over 150 new-generation gaming machines.

The casino’s Easy Pay system elevates the entire experience to VIP level for every guest, leaving more time to enjoy the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned bars.

Astons – It’s not about hedging the bet, but putting the odds in your favor

The casinos in Monaco are but a fraction of the Principality’s opulent and lavish offerings.

Monaco epitomizes exclusivity and prestige, and while this is easily seen by the VIP venues inside the casinos, the Principality’s Golden Visa is a testament to the very nature of what it takes to be an official member of Monégasque society. 

Monaco, though not an EU country, lies along the French Riviera, and has no commercial airport of its own. 

The only means of entering Monaco are by land through France or by the Mediterranean. Currently, Monaco has two leisure ports – Port Hercules or Port of Fontvieille – with current expansion to four by the end of 2025.

While Monaco has its own Golden Visa program, the EU programs are far more beneficial and advantageous for most HNW entrepreneurs, investors, and families – providing both EU residency and access to Monaco. 

Schedule your Free Confidential and Comprehensive Consultation with Astons today to better understand which solutions are best for you and your family.


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