The EU countries issued 3 million first-time residency permits in 2019, according to the latest statistics by Eurostat. Most of these permits were issued in Poland (724,000 permits), Germany (460,000), Spain (320,000), France, (285,000), Italy (176,000) and Czech Republic (117,000).

The main reasons for moving to the EU countries are work and family relocation.


Most of these residency permits — more than a quarter — were issued for Ukraine citizens who relocate to Poland for work. Germany, for example, mostly issues residency permits for family reasons.

About 0,1% of all residency permits are issued under European residency through investment programs, which allow to get a residency permit after purchase of real estate. 

Residency through investment programs are available in many European countries, but investors favour Greece residency program, which allows to obtain a right to permanently live and work in the country after buying a house or a villa starting from 250,000 euro. British law company Astons works with Greece real estate market for years and offers help and support for clients willing to get residency in a short time.

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