Whether you’re looking at alternative business opportunities, safe havens in healthcare crises, or a politically stable place to call a second home, overseas citizenship is an enticing option.

Around a third of Americans say they are interested in relocating, often with elections a pivotal time when most families look at the quality of life overseas.

There are multiple ways to acquire a second passport as a US citizen, and today the Astons team explores some of the most popular routes.

Options to Acquire a Second Passport for US Citizens

Citizenship by investment is one of the best ways to secure a second passport and full lifetime citizenship of an alternative destination.

Benefits include generous tax regimes, profitable property investments, and visa-free travel worldwide, including destinations like the UK, EU, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Astons acts as a respected agent for several key second citizenship schemes in the Caribbean, including:

  • St Kitts and Nevis: a beautiful dual island nation, with passports offering visa-free travel with investments of just $150,000 in the Sustainable Growth Fund. Families can also gain second passports by purchasing approved real estate for $200,000.
  • St Lucia is another tranquil island, which opened up a citizenship-by-investment programme in 2015. You can invest in a property from $250,000 as an individual and own a passport with visa-free or on-arrival eligibility to over 146 destinations.
  • Dominica: this tiny Caribbean island is an incredible place to live or spend your holiday time. Applicants can donate $100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund or invest $200,000 in luxury hotel resorts to gain their second passport.
  • Grenada: A Grenada passport allows you to travel to a vast range of places, including China. Real estate purchases from $220,000 are eligible, or you can contribute $150,000 to the National Transformation Fund.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Our final Caribbean second passport scheme is in another twin-island country, with a low donation threshold of just $100,000 plus a property investment securing second passports for a family of four.

If you are interested in any of these schemes or looking into the possibilities of living in a friendly island country, please get in touch with the Astons team for a more detailed consultation.

How To Get Second Citizenship As A US Domicile

US citizens searching for ways to relocate to Europe also have multiple routes to a second citizenship.

Portugal has a hugely popular Golden Visa program, whereby you can invest in a business, buy a home, make a cultural donation or launch your own overseas company.

The Maltese citizenship program has slightly higher investment thresholds. Still, it is a significant place to live, as the financial hub for many international investment funds and pension schemes.

With investments starting at €700,000, including property investment, you can live and work in Malta or anywhere in Europe of your choosing. Maltese passport holders have visa-free travel freedom to over 183 countries globally.

Eligibility Rules to Secure a Second Passport for US Citizens

Each second passport programme has a defined set of rules and varying eligibility criteria. For example, some of the requirements state that:

  • Applicants must have no criminal record, produce a medical certificate and take out comprehensive private healthcare insurance.
  • You need to have a minimum amount of income, or cash liquidity, in addition to your donation or investment amount.
  • Accompanying children are below a certain age or are unmarried if adult children.
  • You invest in a specific geographical region, industry or type of property – that could be a renovation project or a new-build development, for example.

The optimal way to select the suitable second passport scheme for you is to get in touch with Astons. Our expert advisers will discuss your circumstances, requirements and aspirations, and recommend citizenship schemes that align with your goals.

How to Get Second Citizenship Through Investment

One of the essential elements to most of these second citizenship schemes is that you’ll usually make a non-refundable donation or invest in property.

Most schemes allow overseas applicants to purchase citizenship through a real estate acquisition, even if the property is commercial or a buy-to-let investment rather than somewhere you intend to live long-term.

Astons has years of experience supporting investors worldwide, selecting exceptional investment opportunities and showcasing exclusive properties in prestigious areas, including world-class tourist resorts.

We recommend any US citizen looking for second passport opportunities work with a respected team of advisers to ensure you have full access to the available properties on the market, offering the highest returns.