Moldova’s Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, has officially announced that the country’s much-anticipated Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is now accepting applications. The Moldovan CIP, officially referred to as “MCBH”, joins Malta and Cyprus to become the third CIP in Europe. MCBH was announced over the summer so the investment community has been eagerly awaiting the program’s official launch.

Minister Galurici said, “In order to take the next step forward in our economic development and also support the wellbeing of all Moldovans, we need to welcome innovative new ways of generating capital.” He pointed out that Moldova’s industries are growing so the MCBH is part of what he described as a “future-focused approach” to continuing to expand the country’s economic development.

The Moldova CIP program aims to attract much-needed foreign investment and offers investors another European citizenship option with access to a fast-growing commercial hub in the region.

CIPs have increased in popularity as countries seek to attract more investment while wealthy citizens from around the world look to expand their options for residency, travel, lifestyle and investment choices.

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