Malta has one of the most sought-after residency by investment programs, but unfortunately soon it will become less appealing to foreign investors. Astons understands that the Malta Permanent Residency Programme is going to eliminate a bond-investment option, one of the most attractive and beneficial options for investors, and introduce a non-recoverable contribution starting from April 2021.

However, there’s still time to apply for Maltese permanent residency on current terms!

Apply now and secure an opportunity of getting the Maltese residency by investment with Astons.

The requirements, as for now: 

  • €250,000 investment in stocks and shares,
  • €30,000 non-refundable contribution,
  • Property lease in Malta, min. €50,000/5 years, or
  • Property purchase in Malta, min. price €320,000

Investment should be retained for a minimum period of 5 years, but after that time it is possible to get it back with profit and still hold a residency as long as the investor maintains a Maltese address. This is why Maltese residency programme is considered one of the best in European Union. As with other residency programmes, it is possible to become a citizen of Malta after five years of residency.

Starting from April, the Maltese Government is going to omit investment options and offer residency only on the terms of property lease or purchase and non-refundable contributions. The amount of contributions is going to raise up to €98,000 (property lease option). The exact terms of these changes are still up for negotiations, but Astons’ sources claim that the bond investment option certainly will be omitted from the programme.

Astons provides bespoke residency solutions tailored to the needs of each client. With Astons, there’s no need to look for investment options and bear the burden of managing the assets, our experts will take care of every single step on the way to Maltese residency and make sure that you will benefit the most from the programme and get the desired result.

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