Grenada has long been a popular option for investors seeking the benefits of a second, or third, citizenship. The country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program attracts investment into the Caribbean nation while providing important opportunities to those seeking the versatility of a second citizenship. Recent changes to Grenada’s CBI program options has made it even more desirable for several reasons.

Many investors want to provide their families with the flexibility to live and invest in other countries. While many CBI programs allow sponsorship of spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents, Grenada is now helping investors assist their extended families. The new Grenada plan permits investors to sponsor parents without requiring them to be dependent on the main applicant. Applicants can also sponsor unmarried siblings who do not have children. The ability to relocate with their extended families provides more options for their family members now as well as added security for them in the event of political or economic changes in the investor’s home country.

Grenada’s CBI program provides important benefits to those seeking more investment options. By obtaining a Grenada citizenship, investors can gain visa-free access to China. They will also have the option to live in the United States and operate a business there through the E-2 treaty “Investor Visa” agreement. The new changes to Grenada’s CBI program also include a resale option for real estate so that secondary purchasers of units in CBI-approved real estate projects are eligible to apply for citizenship.

Grenada continues to maintain their speedy four-month processing of citizenship applications, inclusion of dependent children under 25, and visa-free travel to over 100 countries. There are no physical residency requirements and there is no need to travel to Grenada to apply, making the Grenada CBI program ideal for busy entrepreneurs.