The Hungary Residency by Investment program makes it official – 2023 is a watershed year for Flag Theory, lifestyle security, and wealth diversification, thanks to Hungary leveling-up the EU Plan B strategy and investment migration club. 

The Hungary Residency by Investment program now offers global investors EU residency by investing in one of Europe’s hottest property markets.

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary and the center of Eastern Europe, but throughout eras of European history, the Heart of Europe.

Today, Budapest represents one of Europe’s youngest, strongest, and hottest real estate markets. 

Paired with a Hungarian society rich in flavor, culture, historical elegance, and forward-facing innovation, the nation represents – not only – the origins of Europe but the future of the European Union.

And now, non-EU investors can claim their fair share of that future along with lifestyle security, portfolio diversification, luxury real estate, and the exclusive EU Plan B via a singular investment – Budapest real estate.

The Hungary residency by investment program

Updated in 2023, the Hungary RBI – Budapest real estate investment program is already gaining exponential popularity in the global investment migration and real estate investment circles. 

The reason is very simple. 

Many of the newest citizenship by investment programs and Golden Visas have lacked the elegance of prestige and status or represented a breath of fresh air into the industry – Hungary is decisively different.

The updated Hungarian real estate investment program brings both of those elements into fruition via a straightforward program – when paired with the Astons exclusive All-in-One solution – offers the opportunity of accessing the:

  • Prestige of EU residency AND
  • Luxury real estate investment in a previously untouched market

The updated Hungarian program has only one investment option – real estate in the country’s thriving and dynamic capital city of Budapest. 

Making the Hungarian RBI unique among the current EU citizenship by investment and Golden Visa programs, and potentially the most competitive. 

As big of a city as Budapest is, recent events in Portugal have taught elite investors, those with the wisdom and insight to get in early, have historically secured and leveraged the greatest ROI.

Budapest real estate investment – Why now?

The updated Hungarian residency by investment program is strictly limited to properties in Budapest.

The good news is – that all Budapest properties are eligible for the program provided they meet the very minimal eligibility requirements.

So, investors are not limited to solely first-time sales of newly constructed properties built by only a handful of chosen contractors – which is the norm for many programs.

Should an investor find a centuries-old restoration project that offers the opportunity to revive a piece of Hungarian and European history – have at it!

That is what makes the Hungarian RBI such a shockwave. 

The ultra-critical element of real estate investment – Location, Location, Location – is two-fold:

  1. It provides EU & Hungarian residency
  2. Budapest is not only an investment into history and the future but one of the hottest European markets around

This infographic created by top-tier analysis group Moody Analytics illustrates the impressive nature of the Budapest ground floor opportunity.

Hungary – for centuries – has maintained a prominent role in the course of European events and the future of the European community.

Hungary is a cultural epicenter of Europe’s eastern wing – historically instrumental in European art, literature, athletics, technology, and science.

Budapest not only represents a thriving and growing European real estate market, however.

The capital city is Hungary’s most important economic, business, and political hub.

Beyond its borders, however, Hungary remains instrumental in the tourism sector, foreign investment, banking, and agricultural sector of Eastern Europe.

Which is critically important to understand in the context of the future of the EU – all future EU expansion will occur in Eastern Europe. 

Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, and potentially Turkey and Georgia are all Eastern European players.

The fact is, since 2013, with the ascension of Croatia into the EU, the eyes of the European Union have been fixated on going east.

And Budapest represents one of the most important political, financial, tourist, and investment gateways to leveraging that expansion.

Budapest – The Heart of Europe

Without any doubt, Eastern Europe is steeped in history and elegance. 

Nearly all of Europe’s monarchs have staked claims – read built castles – throughout the region. And these estates are not only some of the most elegant and stunning but among Europe’s most legendary as well.

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire – also known as The Habsburg Empire – was renowned as the King of Castles – an element of prestige and standard permeating the Budapest real estate market to this day.

Directly in the heart of Budapest are two stunning displays of Medieval architecture that continue to impress millions to this day.

Legend holds that Vajdahunyad Castle is the original home of Count Dracula:


However, the far more famous Buda Castle towers over the capital city as a royal palace does and continues to reign over eastern and central Europe as a symbol of Hungarian influence in the region.

Today, even though Budapest is home to far more commoners than royals, the prestige of living in the city has not diminished.

Think about moving into a property along Andrássy Avenue – a UNESCO World Heritage Site –  such as this:

Or an award-winning, 2020 House of the Year in Budapest’s exclusive Metrodom Panorama residential park:

These and many more are available through Astons and are eligible as standalone purchases or for the Hungarian residency program.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Dina, Astons’ EU property expert for property inquires.

10 interesting facts about Hungary:

  1. Though a landlocked country, Hungary is home to the largest body of freshwater in central and eastern Europe – Lake Balaton, aka the Hungarian Sea due to its size
  2. Budapest is world-renowned for its thermal baths and spas
  3. Hungary is home to the world’s first officially recognized wine region
  4. Though historically and still a catholic nation, Hungary is home to the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world – the Tabakgasse Synagogue
  5. One of the world’s most popular foods – Goulash – is Hungarian 
  6. Hungary was an anti-communist nation during Europe’s Soviet era
  7. Hungary’s Danube is the second-longest river in Europe
  8. The Rubik’s Cube was invented by Hungarian Ernő Rubik
  9. Budapest hosts one of Europe’s largest music events – the Sziget Festival
  10. Hungary holds the highest Olympic gold medal count in history

Leveraging Hungarian residency

Hungary is a time capsule built for an era yet realized. 

With its firm historical footing, present-day influence, and grip on the world of tomorrow, the EU nation stands casting a unique shadow over the European continent – as well as an exclusive investment potential that simply cannot be equaled elsewhere.

Hungarian residency – including the Non-Dom Tax Residency status – may not be as well known as others, such as the highly exclusive Cyprus, Spain, and Malta programs, but there is a reason for that – insiders can still keep some secrets these days!

Well, until now anyhow…

EU tax haven

Hungary is a long-held secret EU tax haven by HNWIs on the inside.

Pursuant to the country’s Non-Dom Tax Residency rules [in-country less than 183 days a year], Hungary only taxes Hungarian-sourced income at the following:

  • Flat personal income tax rate of 15%
  • Flat corporate tax of 9% – EU’s lowest rate
  • No withholding tax

In regards to worldwide income, the following apply to Non-Dom status:

  • No personal income tax
  • No wealth tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No capital gains – except on Hungarian property sales

The following infographics from the Tax Foundation best summarize the Hungarian tax situation: 

hungarian tax system

There is a litany of additional zero-tax/minimal tax and tax benefits – For a complete understanding and insight into why Hungary is an EU tax haven, schedule a Free Consultation with an expert at Astons.

Mobility benefits

Hungarian residency is EU residency and, therefore, comes with both ETIAS-exemption status and freedom of movement throughout the EU’s coveted Schengen Zone.

Pathway to citizenship and an EU passport

Not only is the residency status automatically renewable after 5-years, but after the first 3-years can be transformed into permanent residency, AND after 8-years the investor is eligible for Hungarian – and by-default, EU – citizenship.

With Hungarian citizenship comes all the collective rights and privileges of being an EU citizen, including the rights to work, live, study, and conduct business throughout the EU as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. 

The Exclusive EU Plan B

Finally, the Hungarian residency by investment program – Budapest real estate investment opportunity may be one of the best EU Plan B’s non-EU citizens – especially US and UK citizens – can have in their back-pocket.

In less than a decade, investors who take advantage of leveraging the Hungarian RBI could not only have an economic stake in one of Europe’s critical business and finance hubs but possess an EU passport that unlocks the entire European Union.

A genuine Plan B is not something you learn to live when you no longer have other options. 

An effective Plan B is a life you and your family have always had – are familiar with – but was not your primary way of living. 

Everyone already knows where you live, so a hole in your backyard is nothing more than an attempt to separate yourself from the world using only a meter or two of dirt.

If the hole in the ground is a corporate structure on the other side of the country – the fish in a barrel model – well, if you can make it safely there, you can make it safely anywhere in the world. 

It’s about proper preparation and moving out at the right time.

Thus, the EU, spanning across the vast European continent with endless possibilities and opportunities is – hands down – the best Plan B that money can buy.

Snapshot of Hungary RBI – Budapest real estate program

The Hungary Residency by Investment program is one of the most straightforward investment migration programs in the EU.

Minimum required investment threshold – €155,000 [approx. $170K]

Real Estate Investment in Budapest

  • Property must be located in the capital city of Budapest
  • All residential properties are eligible – new construction or existing inventory
  • Investors must secure prior approval from the Land Committee*
  • Investors must make a 10% deposit on the chosen property
  • Within 90 days of receiving final approval, the remaining property price and all program fees must be paid in full

*Astons handles all aspects of Land Committee approval, residency application, and the real estate process

Additional Program Fees**

  • Sales tax – 4%
  • Stamp duty – €135
  • Other expenses – €200
  • Budapest legal fees for property transactions – from 0.4 to 1%
  • State immigration fees for residency process – €30,000

**Astons Legal Support is in addition to program fees

Important Program Notes

  • Full cash option only – no mortgages 
  • Property cannot be used for rental income
  • Property ownership and a valid physical address must be maintained for residency. Original property may be sold for another property of equal or greater value

Eligible Family Members

The following are eligible to be included in one application:

  • Investor – main applicant
  • Spouse
  • Financially dependent and unmarried children – no age restrictions
  • Parents of the main applicant or spouse


As previously stated, the Hungarian residency by investment – Budapest real estate program could become one of the most competitive investment migration programs in the EU.

Thus, the best time to get in is now.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an expert at Astons who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your specific wants, needs, and demands to determine if the Hungarian RBI – as well as what other options – are best for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is commercial real estate included in the Hungary residency program?

At this time, only residential properties in the city of Budapest for use by the investor are eligible for the Hungarian residency by investment – Budapest real estate program. 

The program is designed to introduce more foreign investment into one of Europe’s strongest property markets as a way to insure the market’s growth, stability, and value – while providing the citizen-investor the benefits of residency and EU status.

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If I purchase more than one property, can I use one for the Hungary Golden Visa and the others for rental income?
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