After Beijing imposed a new national security law, many Hong Kongers have been looking into London properties. There has been a 20% increase in demand from Hong Kong citizens, real estate agents report. London had gained great popularity among Hong Kongers even before the Chinese pressure strengthened. Thousands of Hong Kongers have owned property in the UK. Now that Hong Kong’s autonomy has been compromised, more purchases will follow.

The Home Office hasn’t released official information on the number of Hong Kong citizens who have already renewed their British National (Overseas) Passports. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented that three million Hong Kong nationals and their family members would be eligible for UK citizenship. Hong Kong was a British territory for roughly 150 years and the ties between the two nations are still very strong.

Many Hong Kong clients are interested in high-end neighbourhoods such as Highgate and St. John's Wood. Some buyers are after property in central London worth as much as £50 million, yet the prices vary widely and the offering is abundant.

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