The Malta Residency and Visa Program (MRVP) has been favoured by investors from the onset. Malta is an EU member state, it’s in the Schengen zone and also in the British Commonwealth – win-win-win. The route itself is very clear. It offers three transparent requirements:

  • Fixed fee of €30,000
  • Purchase/rental of property at the minimum rate of €270,000 for buying/€10,000 per rental per year
  • Investment of €250,000 in government bonds

These requirements make the MRVP a pricier option compared to, e.g., the Caribbean citizenship programmes, yet there is one more factor to consider – financing. Financing investment reveals multiple upsides. Programmes don’t have to keep down the rates – they can boost the demand by making it more affordable and keep on yielding the same incomes per investor. The raised demand thus broadens the eligibility horizons manifold.

What’s financing all about? Financial institutions are willing to lend investors the required sum to purchase government bonds and charge interests and fees on the loan – around €75,000 in total. This may be the right model for you or not – based on the ROI you expect to attain elsewhere.

In any case, by reducing the initial installment to just €115,000, many investor migrants can overcome the entry barriers and join the MRVP.

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