Dominica Offers One of the Most Attractive Citizenship by Investment Programmes in the World

The Commonwealth of Dominica (known informally as Dominica) is a Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. As with other Caribbean nations, Dominica is defined by its vibrant culture, great weather, and excellent quality of life.

Like many other countries, Dominica offers a Citizenship by Investment programme. In fact, it’s one of the most attractive in the world due to its low investment cost and national benefits.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

Citizenship by investment is the formal term for buying citizenship in a country. It’s something that many nations offer, as it’s a good way to attract wealthy investors.

In Dominica, you can obtain citizenship by investing in the Dominica Economic Diversification Fund or by buying property. The financial investment depends on how many people want citizenship:

  • Single applicant: $100,000
  • Applicant and spouse: $150,000
  • Applicant, spouse, and 2 children: $175,000
  • Additional dependents: $25,000 each
  • Siblings aged 18 to 25: $50,000 each

Alternatively, you can buy real estate in Dominica worth at least $200,000. It must be approved under the programme, and you must own it for at least 3 years. There are fees payable on top of this, and you must obviously buy the property outright.

Benefits of Dominican Citizenship

There are numerous benefits to Dominican citizenship:

  1. Visa-free travel to 130 countries.
  2. Favourable tax regulations – Dominica doesn’t charge capital gains tax, general tax, or property or inheritance taxes.
  3. Caribbean work opportunities. Dominican citizens can live and work in states in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and can trade duty-free with members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
  4. You can obtain full citizenship within 3 months without being physically present.
  5. Citizenship lasts a lifetime and can be inherited.

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