Dear partners and clients,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our first major event this year, Astons’ Business Breakfast, taking place in Moscow on 6th March 2019. Join us for key information to fully equip you for the declaration of foreign assets and learn about citizenship by investment programs for wealthy families. This is one of the most anticipated business events hosted by Astons in partnership with KPMG, one of the biggest professional services networks, and Citibank, one of the world’s largest international banks.

Participation in Astons’ Business Breakfast is free. Please register in advance.


1. The time for the declaration of foreign assets is fast approaching: the deadline for filing notifications of controlled foreign companies (“CFC”) with the Russian tax authorities is 20th March 2019. In addition to filing of CFC notifications, controlling persons (Russian tax residents) must take all the required actions in relation to the taxable profits of a CFC. Astons’ Business Breakfast will give you the confidence and knowledge to file your CFC.

2. Find out why, in 2019, High Net Worth individuals are on the lookout for alternative residency or citizenship acquisition as part of a larger tax optimisation strategy to minimise tax burden and preserve and protect their wealth for future generations. We will look at ways to lower tax rates by taking advantage of a favourable tax regime and Residency by Investment Programs as alternative routes to reduce tax obligations.

Speakers will pay particular attention to other benefits of obtaining a second citizenship: from visa-free access to over 150 countries worldwide, to favourable tax regimes and guarantees of financial and social security.

The CFC declaration 2019 – what’s it all about? 

At the end of 2018, the Russian tax authorities received the AEOI data (Automatic Exchange of Information) from many foreign countries on accounts whose beneficial owners are citizens of Russia. In practice, this means that the tax service will be able to compare available data with the data declared by the asset owners themselves. 

To ensure you’re fully prepared, the Aston’s Business Breakfast event will answer the following questions:

1. Which foreign companies are subject to declare their assets and in what period?

2. What other assets need to be declared and in what period?

3. What threatens those who fail to declare foreign assets on time?

4. How to calculate the CFC’s tax base?

5. What are the benefits and optimisation strategies for foreign assets?

6. How can a residence permit and a second citizenship help wealthy people to competently invest their assets?

7. What are the benefits of citizenship by investment programs?

Meet our key speakers:

Top professionals in the industry will share valuable insights into family wealth, citizenship by investment and asset protection and will be available to offer tailor made advice based on your personal requirements.

Victor Kalgin (Partner, KPMG) and Donat Podniek (Partner, KPMG) will be offering their expert knowledge about changes in legislation and current strategies available.

Konstantin Kaminsky (Astons) and Igor Nemtsov (Astons) will be talking about second-citizenship and residency programs as a route to tax optimisation for wealthy families.


We invite you to join Astons’ Business Breakfast for essential, expert-led insights to fully equip you for the CFC declaration campaign 2019.

Participation in the business breakfast is free. Please register in advance.

Moscow, 6th March 2019, 9:30am

Venue: Astons office in White Gardens Business Center, Lesnaya street, 7