The government of Australia is offering a Business Talent Personal Visa which can be an exciting gateway to Australian residency and investment. Permanent residence can be achieved in only 9 months along with the benefits of free healthcare and education. Those receiving a Business Talent Personal Visa can bring their families, including dependent children up to age 23.

Why Australia?

Australia boasts a strong economy and good trade route access to Asia. The country allows dual citizenship and it does not have an inherence tax. Up to 40% of the business’ income can be offshore and there is no tax on worldwide income. Applicants are not required to speak English or meet any language testing, maximum age restrictions, skill testing, or education requirements. Australia is rated AAA and it has established trade agreements with the US and other key world centres for business.

No Australian residency is necessary during the application process and only a limited number of visits to Australia are required as part of ongoing business operations. Applicants have four years to move to Australia and they can delay that by applying for a four-year extension. After five years of residency, holders of Business Talent Personal Visas can apply for Australian citizenship.

Is Australia Right for You?

Applicants for Australia’s Business Talent Personal Visa must meet certain qualifications including a minimum investment of AUD 1M from an AVCAL-accredited venture capital firm. To be approved, applicants must have a track record for successful businesses. Applicants must submit a plan for a business that is a good fit for Australia and that is relevant to the applicant’s business experience.

Australia is known for its high quality of life, family-friendly environment, and public safety. The country has sunny beaches, lush rainforests, and excellent weather, year-round.

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