Mrs Kahloon is a resident of an EU country. She works as a manager in a multinational corporation and travels a lot all over the world.

However, as a citizen of Pakistan, she sometimes encountered long processing times for visas and even had her visa applications refused.

To avoid this problem, Mrs Kahloon looked for EU citizenship from the country where she works and lives, but it’s a very long process and she is still not eligible for second citizenship.

Every crisis creates opportunities

Mrs Kahloon is 47, and she has lived in the EU (we can’t disclose her personal details, including her real name and country of residence) for the past 10 years, but due to the nature of her work, she and her family constantly move from one country to another.

As a result, she couldn’t get permanent residency or citizenship aside from her original Pakistani one. For the past 4 years, Mrs. Kahloon has been living in the same country, but she is not sure what will happen in future and always ready to move somewhere else if duty calls. The pandemic left her grounded, without any travel plans and with some free time to spend with the family and to think about the future.

“For the first time in years, I was able to find spare time to plan my life. First of all, I managed to sell and buy some shares and invest thoughtfully. Then I decided, as many of my friends do, to plan my retirement and look for a nice house. But where? And who would sell to a Pakistani citizen?”, says Mrs. Kahloon.

She knows what she’s talking about. Most of the time, her inquiries about property investments in Portugal, her favourite European country, were cut short after her citizenship had been mentioned.

So, she decided to seek second citizenship.

Mrs Kahloon wanted to become a Cypriot as she heard a lot about the convenience and benefits of the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programme. Unfortunately, the programme was closed just when Mrs Kahloon decided to invest in a villa in Cyprus. She became overwhelmed by the amount of information about various citizenship programmes and felt tired and afraid to make the right choice.

Leave it to professionals

“There are so many things to think of! And everything changes so fast. In some countries, I’m eligible, in some not, in some I am on paper but in reality, I will get a refusal if I apply”, said Mrs. Kahloon during her consultation with Astons experts.

She found Astons on Google while looking for information about Cyprus citizenship and was surprised by the quality and clarity of articles on our website. When Mrs Kahloon decided to seek advice from professionals, she called Astons.

After the initial consultation, it was clear that Mrs Kahloon still hadn’t decided about her retirement and didn’t know where she would live in future and where she would settle down. European investment citizenship would be simply unnecessary and too expensive for her, even though it’s one of the most beneficial options.

Vanuatu citizenship, on the other hand, looked like a perfect match. Short processing times, perfect reputation of the programme and freedom of movement, unachievable with a Pakistani passport. Also, the whole family is eligible, and it is possible to get a Vanuatu passport without leaving home. After consulting with family and friends, Mrs. Kahloon agreed to become a citizen of Vanuatu.

A happy outcome

It took only 26 days for Mrs. Kahloon to become a citizen of Vanuatu. She didn’t encounter any difficulties on her way to citizenship and told us that most of her visa applications, especially to Great Britain, where she can go now visa-free, were more difficult and tiresome.

Mrs Kahloon applied for Vanuatu citizenship in the middle of December 2020 and got a 30% Christmas discount for Astons services.

In the middle of January, she got her new passport and she has already managed to use it, as she had to travel to London. For the first time in her life, Mrs Kahloon didn’t have to apply for a British visa and was able to pass border control hassle-free.

Imagine her surprise when she met her Astons consultant in the queue while using a new passport for the first time!