International real estate and investment migration experts Astons revealed the figures that one has to make to hit the notorious ‘top 1%’ in their country of residence. Journal of luxury property PriceResi exclusively covered the Astons findings.  

Astons analysed 28 major nations, their top 1% pre-tax income threshold and how it diverged from the average national income in each of the selected countries. The research revealed that the Middle East was the most prestigious place to rank within the top 1% of earners. Qatar was home to the highest requirement, with a pre-tax earnings of £1,214,714 required to break into the top 1%.

In the US, a pay check of £334,598 before tax will make you eligible for the top 1%. £197,820 in Germany, £185,018 in Turkey and £179,456 in the UK.

In the Middle East, Qatar and the UAE also revealed the greatest reality gaps between the top 1% and the average citizen. The Netherlands, on the other hand, showed the smallest gap in this regard.

In an interview with a prestigious edition PriceResi, Astons’ Managing Director of Arthur Sarkisian, commented:

“Analysing world nations based on the earning requirement of the top 1% shines a light on just where the most global wealth has been accumulated and it’s clear that the Middle East has become the world leader in this respect.

The Middle East is also home to a far larger gap between those earnings within the top 1% and the average citizen. The likes of the Netherlands, China and Australia provide a more balanced society in this respect with a far smaller void between the very top earners and the average income available.”

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