A good citizenship consultant sometimes knows what’s best for the client better than the client himself. This is exactly what happened when Jonathan, a wealthy entrepreneur from Argentina, contacted us and made an inquiry about St. Lucia citizenship by investment programme.

As many of our clients, Jonathan wanted to get a second passport just in case. 2020 showed to the whole world how borders can close in a moment, and how a stable country can become a hotbed for violent protests. Argentina is a stable, safe country, but who knows what will happen next, Jonathan told us. Also, as a professional investor with keen interest in real estate, he wanted to make this new passport work for him and generate income, which is possible with citizenship through investment programmes.

Jonathan was leaning towards St. Lucia, as he had some business with this Carribean country in the past. But he didn’t know that his requirements and desires were closer to St. Kitts & Nevis programme, with more real estate objects eligible for the programme.

After short consideration, Jonathan decided to invest in one of the luxury hotels in St. Kitts & Nevis. While he will be enjoying the benefits of being an owner of a luxury coastal property in the Carribean, his property will be working for him and generate income without fuss, all covered by Astons and with a 30% Christmas discount for Astons services.

“I was unsure whether the second citizenship would be beneficial for me. Some of my business partners used it for travel to desired destinations when their countries decided to close the borders. On the other side, I thought that as a citizen of ArgentinaI won’t benefit much from visa-free travel, and the second citizenship won’t open new borders for me. Armand from Astons convinced me that it’s not only about visa-free travel, a second passport can be a guarantee for a safe future for me and my family and an opportunity to invest and gain capital”, — tells Jonathan.

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