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Astons Client Obtained a Passport of Grenada and Relocated to the US with His Family

Investment migration experts at Astons reveal how citizenship of Grenada enabled our client to relocate to the US with his family.

An Astons client wished to share his story: Mr. Zhou Yun told us that obtaining a passport from Grenada was one of the best decisions of his life. With the aid of this citizenship, Mr. Zhou Yun, his wife and daughter could finally relocate to the US.

Family situation

For many years, Mr. Zhou Yun (51 years old, citizen of China, owner of a video content company) has planned to relocate to the US. During its corporate history, his company has gained numerous strategic partners in the US and Zhou Yun was happy to go on business trips and meetings.

“I’ve always liked my trips to America,” comments Zhou Yun, “Of course, I wanted to relocate for good, yet I didn’t know how difficult it was for a Chinese person. The thing is China has so many affluent individuals willing to move to the States that they all queue up for a Green Card for ages. I have the required funds and the proof of legal income sources, yet in practice I’d have to wait for my Green Card for over 10 years. I know this for sure: a good friend of mine has been on the waiting list for 14 years. He’s lost hope by now.”

The situation has changed when the client’s daughter grew up. Zhou Ting (16 years old, a Chinese national) has been dreaming of relocating to Los Angeles and becoming an actress. The client’s wife Zhou May (37 years old, a Chinese national, translator by profession) didn’t want her daughter to go alone and was willing to join her. “My wife was very determined: we’ll only go all together, she repeated,” Mr. Zhou Yun told us. “I agreed, yet I couldn’t find a way to relocate to the US right at that moment”.

When Mr. Zhou Yun contacted Astons through a friend’s reference, the world had already found itself in the pandemic. “I was completely desperate,” the client recalls. “I thought there was enough trouble in my family. I couldn’t even imagine that the world would change to the extent that travelling would become unavailable. The idea of moving to America started to fade away. I contacted Astons – a company praised by my colleague who had obtained Cypriot citizenship three years before. At the time, I didn’t even expect to find an efficient solution, just wanted to know my prospects. When it turned out I could obtain citizenship of Grenada and relocate to the US with my family avoiding the multi-year queues, I was overwhelmed and happy”.

Choice of citizenship

In Mr. Zhou Yun’s case, the choice of immigration programme was unambiguous. From the onset, the Astons experts recommended he should apply for Grenada.

The client’s goals were clear: he needed to find a way for hassle-free relocation to the US with his family. This task was easily resolved with the aid of Grenada passport. Citizenship of this Caribbean country provides a unique benefit. A Grenada passport enables you to relocate to the US with an Investor E-2 visa.

Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean region to offer this opportunity. The country has in place both the Citizenship by Investment program and the visa treaty with the US.

The Astons consultants told the client that – for citizens of China, Russia, India and other countries that have no such treaty with the US – a passport of Grenada is a stepping stone to relocation to the US.

Experts have witnessed a growing interest towards Grenada’s immigration programme in the first half of 2020. Most citizenship applications were submitted by nationals of China, Russia, India, South Africa, Nigeria and countries of the Middle East.

The Astons client was happy to learn that investors can relocate to America with the entire family. Grenada’s program allows them to add to the application their spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings of both the main applicant and the spouse. “This immigration program was a lifesaver for me”, shared Zhou Yun. “I regret I hadn’t learnt about it earlier.”

Choice of investment

The Astons lawyers informed the client of two investment options.

Option 1: make a non-refundable donation of $150,000 to the state fund of Grenada.

The Astons experts explained that the donation for the entire investor’s family will be slightly larger – $200,000 for a family of two to four members. For every extra family member who is financially dependent on the main applicant, there is a charge of $25,000.

In the case of our client who planned to obtain citizenship for himself, his wife and his daughter, the donation amounted to $200,000.

Option 2: purchase a property approved by the government of Grenada – from $220,000 in shared proprietorship or from $350,000 in sole proprietorship.

Upon consideration, the Astons client decided he’d go for the donation: “My goal was to move to the US the sooner the better so I opted for the donation. In a different situation, I could have chosen a property in Grenada – the country has a beautiful climate. If I wanted to purchase a seaside house where my family would spend their holidays, I would definitely consider buying a villa in Grenada.

Fast remote processing of Grenada passport

After Mr. Zhou Yun had made up his mind, the Astons lawyers who render all-round support in second passport processing started collecting the documents required for a citizenship application. Astons experienced specialists have checked all the documents, translated and notarised them and sent the application for review to Grenada’s authorities. All this only took a few days.

The Astons client was surprised by the seamless and efficient immigration process. In just three months after applying, Mr. Zhou Yun, his wife Zhou May and their daughter Zhou Ting became citizens of Grenada. Right after this, the Astons lawyers submitted documents for the E-2 Investor visa that allows Grenada citizens to relocate to the US.

“Now that I’ve moved to the US with the family, I feel secure for my business and my family. Hopefully, my daughter will manage to build her career in Hollywood. We are ready to support her in any way,” shared Zhou Yun. “I am very happy with the quality of services rendered by Astons. I can recommend these specialists to all my friends and colleagues in China.”

For further information or to discuss your personal circumstances in a private consultation, please contact Astons at [email protected].

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