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How to obtain citizenship of Turkey through property purchase and relocate to the UK with a Turkish passport. An Astons client decided to share his story. Ruslan bought property in Istanbul with the aid of Astons realty experts, obtained a second citizenship and found a way to move to the UK.

Family situation

Ruslan (43 years old, Russian national, owner of a marketing company) has wanted to relocate to the UK, but always postponed his decision. Together with his wife Nigila (38 years old, Russian national, photographer), Ruslan visited many countries. When the world got struck by the crisis and the pandemic, it turned out difficult to spend so much time travelling.

“It became clear that the right moment came to settle down and wait through the difficult times,” says Ruslan. “My wife and I discussed our dreams of living in London but we thought it would be impossible under the current circumstances. Then, Nigila suggested we should buy a flat in some nice coastal town and settle there for at least a year so we could take a rest and think of our future. I also liked the idea. I followed my colleague’s advice and contacted Astons. This company helped my colleague purchase property in one of the Caribbean states. To be honest, I didn’t expect that the Astons experts would suggest an option to resolve all our key goals. As a result, we not only obtained a dwelling by the sea but also a passport that helped us relocate to the UK.” 

Choice of citizenship

The Astons experts heard the client’s story, learnt of his plans and budget, and suggested a course of action: purchase property in Turkey, obtain a second citizenship in this country and move to the UK with a Turkish Entrepreneur visa. By following all immigration rules, the client would be able to apply for the UK residency and citizenship in the future.

The Astons lawyers told Ruslan that a Turkish passport holder can move to the UK due to the Ankara Agreement (a treaty of association between Turkey and the EEC). The consultants explained that Turkey may or may not agree upon a similar treaty with the UK after Brexit, yet the programme for Turkish entrepreneurs is still in force now, and it’s high time to use the unique opportunity. 

This option seemed optimal to Ruslan: the passport of Turkey can be obtained for the minimum investment of $250,000. For the sake of comparison: the minimum investment within the UK Tier 1 Investor visa starts at £2 million. “When my wife and I learnt about this opportunity, we decided to purchase property in Turkey and obtain the second passport right away,” comments Ruslan. “Turkey’s immigration programme offers very beneficial conditions: you can rent out the property and sell it in three years. In fact, the Astons lawyers have developed a course of action that we haven’t even dreamt of. With very moderate investment, we were able to obtain a home by the sea and a second citizenship with very bright prospects.”

The Astons consultants informed the client of the timeframe for this course of action. Citizenship of Turkey can be obtained in two months. After that, you can apply for the Turkish Entrepreneur visa to the UK that will be reviewed within 12 weeks. 

Choice of investment and property purchase

“The Astons consultants explained that there were several investment options within Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment programme, yet we immediately decided upon property purchase,” says Ruslan. “In fact, I know Turkey pretty well. We had vacations in Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Bursa many times. However, staying at a hotel is one thing and buying your own property is completely different. I discussed the matter with my wife and we opted for Istanbul – the city that addresses the vacational, business and cultural objectives.”

Among the offerings that fitted the client’s preferences, there were two bedroom apartments at $265,000 in the city centre, one or two bedroom apartments in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu neighbourhood priced at $290,000, compact designer flats near Taksim square at $310,000, apartments with panoramic views at the cost of $360,000 and other realty objects.

“I was impressed by Astons’ professional work,” shares Ruslan. “We discussed our budget preferences in detail and also talked of various strategies: whether we’re planning to live in our Istanbul home on a permanent basis, go there on vacations, rent the flat out, sell it later on. Also, at Astons they told us about the real non-tourist features of specific Istanbul neighbourhoods and their infrastructure. As a result, we chose a two bedroom apartment close to all major sights and points of interest.” 

The Astons client was curious to learn about the volume of sale-purchase transactions in Turkey. The number of deals within the Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme soared by 92% last year. This is due to the change of programme conditions. In 2018, the Turkish authorities decreased the minimum investment requirements by four times: from $1 million to $250,000. The passport of Turkey has become one of the most demanded passports among foreign investors.

The perks of Turkish citizenship

  • Citizenship of Turkey allows you to visit 110 countries without a visa, including Japan, South Korea and Singapore. In the times when many countries restrict and ban entry, a second passport may become a prime necessity.
  • The passport of Turkey enables you to relocate to the UK with a Turkish Entrepreneur visa.
  • Turkish citizenship allows you to obtain a US E-2 business visa, followed by the EB-5 immigration visa and the Green Card.
  • You can obtain the passport of Turkey really fast – just in two months. To file an application, you need to open an account in a Turkish bank and make the investment. 
  • You can obtain Turkish citizenship for your family members: spouse of the main applicant and children under 18 years old (children with disabilities regardless of age). 
  • To receive a Turkish passport, you don’t have to live in the country either before or after obtaining citizenship. 

Fast and remote processing of the Turkish passport

After the client had made the decision, the Astons specialists guided him through the entire immigration process. In just two months after the application, Ruslan and his wife Nigila became holders of the Turkish passport. After that, the Astons lawyers started preparing the documents for the Turkish Entrepreneur’s business visa that would enable the client to relocate to the UK.

“My wife and I are very grateful to the Astons experts who not only did their job well but also suggested a course of action that helped us assemble all our goals in a single jigsaw puzzle,” shares Ruslan with gratitude. “We decided to spend some time in our new Istanbul home and take a rest before relocating to the UK. I don’t know what the future holds for us but we’d like to use Astons’ service to obtain the British residency and citizenship later on.”

The Astons experts always stay in close contact with clients and render all-round services in terms of Turkish property purchase and citizenship processing. Astons lawyers help their clients all the way from application submission to passport retrieval. According to Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment programme, applicants can have their passports processed remotely.

Astons guarantees the result: 100% of our clients obtain their citizenship by investment successfully. This is possible due to Astons’ impeccable reputation, deep knowledge of immigration rules and the real estate market as well as manifold checks of documentation.

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