Citizenship in one of the most tranquil island nations in the South Pacific is a goal for many people – and with Astons immigration team, it’s an aspiration we can turn into reality!

Our latest case study looks into a US client searching for an accessible, stress-free second passport, providing a multitude of assurances:

  • Safeguards from future pandemic travel restrictions.
  • Family safety, with the option to live out any healthcare crisis in an island paradise.
  • Freedoms to travel visa-free around all the major economic nations.
  • Ethical investment opportunities.
  • Citizenship in a low-tax destination as a way to future-proof financial security.

While our client wasn’t seeking an immediate relocation from his home in Arizona, he was concerned about the future and the potential that he may decide to renounce his US citizenship – and so, a second passport provides an excellent Plan B.

Astons is an authorised immigration and citizenship expert, working with clients worldwide seeking residency and citizenship in alternative destinations.

In this case, we recommended Vanuatu as an exceptional opportunity. Applicants can make remote donations towards local development funds, thus supporting communities and securing life-long citizenship simultaneously.

However, choosing your second citizenship nation always requires professional advice.

From tax liabilities to family rights, travel opportunities to finding a property, there are many compelling benefits to working with the Astons team, streamlining your citizenship application process.

Managing the Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

The citizenship requirements for Vanuatu include an option to make a non-refundable donation to a local development fund; this fulfilled our client’s desire to invest in a worthwhile initiative that would benefit the lives of local people.

Investment in this idyllic pacific nation is used to promote the development of infrastructure and economic growth, further solidifying the attraction of Vanuatu as a place where foreign nationals can enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Our client was looking for a second passport as an individual, with an associated donation of $130,000. There are family investment options with a required contribution of $180,000.

There are several reasons it remains imperative to work with an experienced citizenship agent to ensure there are no speed bumps along the way:

  • Foreign nationals may be required to demonstrate citizenship evidence, as there are restrictions on expatriates from certain nations such as Iran, Yemen and North Korea.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their wealth, with a requirement of $250,000 – regardless of the investment route selected.
  • Typically, a new Vanuatu citizen would be required to attend an Oath Swearing Ceremony. Astons was able to organise this at an alternative location for our client’s convenience and avoid the need to travel.

Once received, the Vanuatu passport enables our client to travel to over 129 countries without a visa, benefit from generous tax regimes, and renew his passport every ten years for a lifetime of citizenship entitlements.

Fast Track Vanuatu Second Citizenship

This case study example demonstrates how an accomplished immigration advisory firm can achieve a second passport and permanent citizenship status in a condensed time frame.

Our client received approval within 35 days from start to finish and is now in receipt of a dual passport affording him the freedom to leave the US, travel to over 129 global destinations, and leverage his citizenship status at any point.

Vanuatu citizenship is often one of the most convenient second passport options, with benefits such as:

  • Complete confidentiality and paperwork processing managed privately via the Astons team.
  • Safety, with a pre-approval process ensuring no investment funds are transferred until confirmation is secured.
  • Fast-track applications, with an average completion time of around one month.
  • Attractive tax regimes, with zero personal tax, wealth tax, gift tax, income tax or inheritance taxes payable by Vanuatu citizens.
  • Whole family eligibility, meaning passport holders can extend citizenship rights to their spouse, children, parents and grandparents.

Following a period of extreme upheaval, a second passport is a form of insurance against future instability, allowing citizens to travel even during lockdown restrictions, and have a safe second home should another worldwide healthcare crisis hit.

Astons provides comprehensive support for clients around the world, with offices in prime locations such as London, Dubai, Beijing, Moscow and Limassol.

Our multilingual team delivers efficient and bespoke advice, tailoring your citizenship or residency application to your needs, whether you’re seeking a visa to begin a new business venture, a safe haven for your family, or an investment opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to contact our London office at +44 (0) 207 292 2977, or email Astons at for more information about the Vanuatu citizenship programme or explore other second passport opportunities that match your ambitions.