Philip Kisob, CEO of Select Anguilla and architect to Anguilla’s new investment programme, explained the goals and aspirations behind the island’s new tax residency offering. In an interview at the Investment Migration Forum in Geneva, Kisob said the programme was catering to ‘low-volume, high-value’ individuals, specifically those who change jurisdictions at their convenience throughout the year.

Kisob described Anguilla’s target demographic as ‘digital nomads’ or ‘sovereign individuals’. Also, the flexible new programme addresses the needs of sportspeople like racers, golfers or tennis players who cross borders on a regular basis making the classic notion of tax residency inapplicable.

High net worth Individuals who rarely spend more than three months under the same jurisdiction are welcome to submit their residency application to the Anguilla authorities. Anguilla requires a minimum property investment of $400,000 and a yearly lump-sum tax payment of $75,000. Also, the resident will need to spend in Aguilla at least 45 days annually.

Philip Kisob argues that they do not target people who spurn taxation, the programme just intends to make the life of ‘nomad’ taxpayers easier. Anguilla wishes to see its new residents as active members of society, at least in the financial sense.

Interested to learn more about Aguilla’s programme? Watch Philip Kisob’s interview for more details.

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