Greece Property Investment

  • Greek Residency in 60 days
  • Minimum investment threshold €250,000
  • Potential rental income with 4-5% annual rental yield
  • Option to invest in several properties to reach
    the minimum threshold
  • Investment may be in either residential
    or commercial property
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Property Investment

Greece offers investors an affordable real estate investment route to securing permanent residency in Europe. With a minimum investment of €250,000, property can be located anywhere within the Greek mainland or islands and may be either residential or commercial. Investors may choose to purchase several properties to reach the minimum investment, and can combine their investment into one property with joint buyers. The property must be retained to ensure that residency status is renewable. Whether investing in a family home or purchasing a rental asset, our team is by your side every step of the way to guarantee a profitable investment and seamless residency application.

Greece Residency through Property purchase

The Greece Residency Program requires real estate investors to purchase either residential or commercial property to a minimum value of €250,000. The property may be located anywhere in Greece, and investors can choose to invest in multiple properties to reach the minimum investment value. Greece is considered one of the top real estate markets in Europe, thus offering investors strong potential, access to future growth and attractive returns on investment. Renting an investment property is simple with a potential annual rental yield of 4-5%.

At Astons, we work with our clients to source the most appealing property projects ranging from studios, furnished apartments and individual houses through to premium properties, luxury villas and complete buildings for personal or commercial use. We are also able to source development projects suitable to be constructed into hotels or rental properties. Our team carefully inspects every real estate asset and negotiates pricing on the strength of our Greek property market expertise to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Making the minimum real estate investment in Greece grants investors and their family members entitlement to EU residency. This enables access not only to Greece but also to visa-free travel throughout the EU and Schengen area. The Greek Residency Program is one of the fastest and most cost-effective options within Europe with a processing time of 2 months between application submission and grant of the residency permit. Residency cards are renewable every 5 years provided the investor retains ownership of their investment property.

There are no requirements to reside in Greece to retain ongoing residency rights, however, should an investor wish to be eligible for citizenship rather than permanent residence, they are required to spend 7 years in Greece, of which half of the time must be spent residing in the country. Following the 7-year residency requirement, investors then have the opportunity to apply for a Greek passport and obtain EU citizenship.