Luxury hotel suite for full ownership

Picard Beach, Portsmouth

This property qualifies for Dominica citizenship by investment

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Property type
Hotel Resort
Processing time
6 months
Construction status
Opening time

All-inclusive 5-star resort development approved for Dominica Citizenship program.


$300,000— Full ownership of Luxury hotel suite. 

ID #: DP005. More information and photos available on request.


An exciting opportunity to invest in a full title property in a luxury hotel resort approved for the Dominica Citizenship Program. This five-star resort has established a high standard for environmentally friendly resorts with 200 luxury rooms. The setting provides panoramic views within 12 acres of beachfront land on a gentle sloping vista.   


This resort has been selected as an approved project to bring additional quality to the tourism options on offer throughout Dominica. Investors are included in the rental pool made available to guests whether they have full or partial share ownership. The resort pays a profit share to all owners and investors and manages properties either directly or through their respected management contractor.


With an enviable location on the outstanding Picard Beach, this resort offers a convenient location within five minutes of the famous US medical school, Ross University School of Medicine.


Property Features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Beach access
  • Full-service health & beauty spa
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Spa


Discover the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

  • Icons clean criminal record
    Full-title deed
  • Icons investment1
    Yearly return of 2% paid at the construction phase
  • Icons investment2
    Property may be resold to another applicant in 5 years
  • Icons clean criminal record
    In 3 years, the property may be sold without affecting your citizenship
  • Icons financial centre1
    Regular rental income
  • Icons one visit
    Vacation entitlement for 2 weeks p/a for personal use
  • Icons eu and caribbean residence   citizenship by investment
    Passport of Dominica
  • Icons individual
    Professional property management

Dominica Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

  • Fast-track passport in 2-3 months
  • Approved real estate projects from $200,000
  • Property can be sold after 3 years
  • Regular rental income and return on investment
  • Visa-free travel to over 137 countries worldwide
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