Purchase of shares in a branded hotel development

Douglas Bay - Portsmouth

This property qualifies for Dominica citizenship by investment

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Property type
Hotel Resort
Processing time
6 months
Construction status
Opening time
November 2019

Award winning luxury resort development located on the tranquil beach of Douglas Bay.


$220,000 — purchase of shares.

ID #: DD001. More information and photos available on request.


This branded hotel development is the first real estate project in Dominica under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, that has had government approval. Maintaining a natural balance between the land and sea, the resort has been designed with this in mind, while ensuring a contemporary and modern client experience. Promising to be a hideaway resort ranking among the top locations in the Caribbean and although currently under construction, it is fast coming to life and has a scheduled opening time for 2019.  It is located in the surroundings of Cabrits National Park, which is to the northwest of the island and on the very relaxing and calm beach of Douglas Bay in Dominica. Aiming to offer its guests a memorable journey and create rich and meaningful experineces, it has already won numerous awards.


Benefits of ownership include:


• Shares certificate reflecting your interest

• A 2% return payable to the investor, during the construction phase

• In 3 years the property can be sold, without affecting your citizenship

• Property can be resold to another CBI applicant in 5 years

• A return payable quarterly from the performance / operating income of the hotel

• Professional property management

• Vacation entitlement for 1 week in the 1st year

• An investment share in a luxury resort

• Annual income yield from the outset

• Benefits associated with the citizenship of Dominica

• Investment security with an international developer and reputable partners

• Enrollment in the highest tier of loyalty program, GHA Discovery


It is expected that investors might realise a capital gain once the investment is sold, given the annual price increase for the acquisition of citizenship, laid out by Dominica’s government. The investor is expected to get an equivalent amount to the capital invested and all money that were paid at the start following the expiration of a mandatory 5-year hold period, based on projections for income and capital gain.


Investors are required to hold their qualifying investment for a period of three years, in order to retain citizenship. On the fifth anniversary of the original investors approval of citizenship, a subsequent investor could use the investment unit to support an application for citizenship.


  • Icons cyprus passport
    Shares certificate reflecting your interest
  • Icons taxes3
    The property can be sold after 3 years
  • Icons clock
    Passport of Dominica in 2-3 months
  • Icons one visit
    Vacation entitlement for 1 week in the 1st year
  • Icons taxes1
    Annual income yield from the outset
  • Icons investment hold
    A return payable quarterly from the performance
  • Icons financial centre1
    A 2% return payable during the construction phase
  • Icons high quality service 2
    Enrollment in the highest tier of Kempinski’s loyalty program

Dominica Property Investment:

  • Fast-track passport in 2-3 months
  • Approved real estate projects from $200,000
  • Property can be sold after 3 years
  • Regular rental income and return on investment
  • Visa-free travel to over 137 countries worldwide
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