Purchase of shares in all-inclusive hotel resort

Picard Beach, Portsmouth

This property qualifies for Dominica citizenship by investment

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Property type
Processing time
6 months
Construction status
Opening time
end of 2020

One of the most anticipated all-inclusive Caribbean Hotels located on Picard beach.


$220,000 — purchase of shares.

ID #: DP002. More information and photos available on request.


This luxurious all-inclusive hotel resort is included in Marriott International’s portfolio of properties, comprising 128 guest suites with private dip pools and pool lounges, swim-up bars in infinity pools, specialty dining restaurants, a lavish ballroom and a spa oasis. Located on 12 acres of prime property at picturesque Picard Beach, Portsmouth on the northern portion of the island of Dominica.


The resport is just a short walk from world-renowned Ross University School of Medicine which is not only tastefully designed, but in addition is strategically located.  The property supplies an all-over, socially and financially discerning opportunity for those looking for citizenship through investment in real estate, and as a part of the Auto­graph Collection, one of the premium and quickest developing brands of Marri­ott International,


Whether fully or fractionally owned, all the properties will be looked after by the resort and not made available for residential liv­ing.  By forming part of the resort’s room inventory, each unit is put into a system of rotation and then each unit participates on an equitable basis.


Benefits of ownership:


• Share certificate reflecting your financial interest

• Yearly return of 2% paid at the construction phase

• Professional property management

• Passport of Dominica

• Vacation entitlement for 2 weeks p/a for personal use

• Regular rental income

• In 3 years the property can be sold, without affecting your citizenship

• Property can be resold to another applicant in 5 years

• Tax ID number

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    Property can be resold to another applicant in 5 years
  • Icons sra
    Professional property management
  • Icons one visit
    Vacation entitlement for 2 weeks per year
  • Icons clean criminal record
    Shares certificate reflecting your interest
  • Icons cyprus passport
    Passport of Dominica in 2-3 months
  • Icons investment2
    The property can be sold after 3 years
  • Icons taxes1
    A 2% return payable to the investor during the construction phase
  • Icons investment hold
    Regular rental income

Dominica Property Investment:

  • Fast-track passport in 2-3 months
  • Approved real estate projects from $200,000
  • Property can be sold after 3 years
  • Regular rental income and return on investment
  • Visa-free travel to over 137 countries worldwide
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