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Your Questions Answered: Updated Impact of Coronavirus on your Immigration Status


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues and lockdowns remain to impact lives around the world, the Home Office are attempting to assist by publishing updated guidance. However, this has led to more questions than answered, so we are back with our Frequently Asked Questions to help ease your concerns and clarify the Home Office position at present.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I applied for a Tier 2 visa. I still do not have a decision but I am due to start work, what do I do?


A: The Home Office have permitted people in this situation to start work before an application has been decided, but only if:


  • You have been assigned a certificate of sponsorship;
  • You have submitted an application before your current visa expired and can show your sponsor evidence of this; and
  • The job start date is the same as listed on your certificate of sponsorship.


If your application is then unfortunately refused, you must immediately stop working.


Q: I have been issued with a CAS but will not be able to apply, what happens if it expires before I can apply?


A: You will still be able to apply for a visa. Whether it has become invalid due to time passing or the start date of your course has changed, the Home Office have confirmed that they will not automatically refuse such cases and will consider on a case y case basis. As such, you should ensure that you submit as much evidence as possible in relation to your circumstances. The above also applies to those who have been issued with a certificate of sponsorship.


Q: My landlord is asking for evidence of my status during this time, what can I show him?


A: All nationals who need evidence of their extension should contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team by visiting However, the right to rent checks have been temporarily adjusted given the current circumstances, so you should ask your landlord to check the current Government guidance.


Q: I contacted the Coronavirus Immigration Team and they haven’t responded, what do I do?


A: The Coronavirus Immigration Team is providing advice and support on various different scenario. If you have raised a specific case, they may not respond but rather will log the relevant details on their systems. All emails and e-forms sent and received are being retained and we would recommend you also keep a copy for your records. If your enquiry requires a response, you should email them again. Alternatively, you may wish to complete the e-from if your circumstances suit the e-form submission.


Q: I need to make an application, can I still use the priority option?


A: Unfortunately, the priority and super priority decisions have been suspended until further notice. The Home Office have warned that all applications are likely to take slightly longer than normal. With UKVCAS centres still closed, there will also be a delay between you submitting your application online and being able to enrol your biometrics.


Q: How can you help me?


A: We appreciate that the coronavirus has caused grave anxiety and concern for individuals and businesses alike, and with more and more businesses shutting up shop, people are feeling increasingly isolated and confused. We want to support people during these unprecedented time and as such, our business partners at Immigration.UK, a specialist immigration law firm are offering free, no-obligation consultations. The experienced lawyers can advise you on the current guidance and what it means for you. If your query relates to something that the Home Office are yet to address, they can send specific enquiries to our contacts in the Home Office to get a personalised answer for you. Whether you are looking for reassurance, guidance or practical advice – we are here to help!


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