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United Kingdom’s Green Party Co-Leader Calls for Radical Reform of the Home Office


In a speech at the party conference, the Green Party's Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley called for a major shake-up of Britain’s immigration system. He labeled the Home Office and the current system as unjust and authoritarian.


The Green Party is anti-Brexit, its members support another referendum that would help the UK return to the EU family. Among other things, Mr Bartley suggested free bus travel in England and law-making based on environmental impact. 


Drafting a "radical plan" to overhaul the UK government and finance, Mr Bartley said the Home Office should be removed as such and its remit distributed among two new departments. Namely, the Ministry for Sanctuary that would oversee immigration policy and the Ministry for the Interior that would cater to law enforcement.


While the Greens are in opposition to Brexit, they wouldn’t team up with the Liberal Democrats to revoke Article 50. The Green Party leader believes only the people could handle the question of the UK's future in Europe.


Jonathan Bartley also voiced the need to revamp the economy and tackle the climate emergency, giving priority to scientific imperatives rather than the political situation. His key initiatives encompass:


  • Introducing carbon tax to fund development of renewable energy
  • Demolishing the HS2 rail line and investing £70 billion in local transport
  • Reducing the number of petrol and diesel cars by 2030
  • ‘Climate Chancellor’: all decisions should be gauged by their environmental footprint
  • ‘Future Generations Act’ to put the needs of young people ahead of governmental actions


The Green Party thus calls for decisive measures that would help the UK ‘make the leap’ rather than retain a shaky status quo.


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