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Tier 2 Sponsorship licence: Revised UK Guidelines


In a nutshell

  • The updated Home Office guidelines oblige Tier 2 sponsors to open a record of when their employees arrived in the UK. They should create such records in the course of 30 days from the visa start date.

  • The change greatly impacts sponsoring employers of ePassport gate users. For these employees, сompanies will need to provide confirmation of entry date with no available paper records thereof.


What’s new?

What do the revised Home Office guidelines hold for Tier 2 employing sponsors? Essentially, companies now have to create and maintain records of the date when a sponsored employee entered the country. As before, employers need to keep copies of the employee’s right to work papers.


What’s the aftermath?

Standard passport control. Foreign nationals using standard passport control get a date stamp at a crossing point so the employer can just make a copy of the relevant page - and voila. If employees don’t follow the ‘brick-and-mortar’ way upon arrival, it’s yet another pain for the sponsoring company.

Issues with ePassport gate crossers. Some individuals use ePassport gates to enter the UK. In this case, they bear no written evidence, stamp or certificate of border crossing. That said, the employer will still have to confirm their entry data. The guidelines stipulate that the employer must create a record of entry within thirty days of the visa’s validity start date by means of offline or online record. No specifics provided.


More on ePassports

What’s the deal with ePassport gates? It’s an innovative border control system operated by the UK Border Force. The system uses face recognition to identify passport holders and help them avoid border queues.

Since June 2019, eligible citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the U.S. can use ePassport gates at the UK airports and Eurostar train terminals in Paris and Brussels. The same applies to travellers from the European Economic Area and Switzerland.


What are the prospects?


Some experts maintain that, despite the UK authorities’ effort to curb migration, the country will see an even greater influx of migrants after Brexit. If the forecasts are true, the UK may further propel the use of e-gates and oblige employers to track and report their employees’ immigration status, lifting some burden off the authorities.


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