The World Under the Coronavirus Outbreak: How the Second Passport Helps Resist the Panic


The investment immigration experts at Astons explain why now is the right time to get a second passport for yourself and your family. 


I decided to get a second citizenship, yet this might be a rush move. I’ve been reading news of the coronavirus epidemics and I can’t figure out where I should settle now. 


On the contrary, a decision to receive a second citizenship is a smart and well-weighed move. 


If you have a plan B, you have a greater freedom of choice under any circumstances. The second passport gives you the independence from political, economical, social and ecological factors in your country of origin. 


Moreover, even during the global crisis, the second passport unlocks more options and life strategies. This helps not only to make sound decisions in unclear situations, but also keep the peace of mind in these hectic times.


Thank you, yet I’m still nervous. Is it time to go for that plan B?


In crisis situations aggravated by constant information pressure, it’s key to come up with a clear plan and follow it step by step. This will help you alleviate the anxiety and act rationally under the difficult circumstances.   


After you choose the immigration programme to obtain the second citizenship, the Astons experts will help you develop an efficient step-by-step strategy. We’ll always be around and guide you through the entire immigration process: from application submission to obtaining the passport.  


Do many people opt for a second passport these days?  


Yes. The number of people who contact immigration specialists is growing day by day. 


In any case, our lawyers and consultants advise not to wait for a global crisis or aggravated political situation and obtain the second citizenship beforehand. Many affluent individuals from all over the world get a second passport in advance, for emergency cases. They often obtain the passport long before they actually plan to use it. 


There is another important aspect: some immigration programmes for foreign investors imply a membership quota. For instance, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme capped the number of investors in 2018. Now, only 700 main applicants per year can obtain the Cypriot citizenship. 


So is there a chance I won’t be able to get a passport this year? 


As far as the Cyprus programme is concerned, it’s recommended to apply at the beginning of the year to make sure you are among the 700 successful applicants. The Cypriot programme is very popular: in 2017, before the quota was introduced, the Cypriot passport was granted to 1,013 applicants. 


Whatever immigration programme you choose, it’s crucial not to delay your decision and apply for a passport the sooner the better. 


Good. Will I be able to get second passports for my family? I want to secure their future as well. 


Sure! Governmental immigration programmes allow the investor to include family members into the application. 


As the conditions differ across various programmes, the Astons experts will analyse your specific case and help you pick the immigration scheme that best fits your needs and preferences. 


Citizenship by Investment programmes enable you to arrange a second passport for the spouse and financially dependent children (the eligible age depends on the chosen programme’s conditions). Many immigration schemes for foreign investors allow you to add other family members to the application as well.  


Can I obtain second citizenship for my parents? I’d like to make sure they can relocate to a high-security destination at any given time. 


Sure. In this case, you need to look into the programmes that allow you to arrange the passport not only for your spouse and children, but also for your parents. 


There are multiple programmes of that kind. For example: 


  • The Cypriot citizenship can be granted to the investor, their spouse, financially dependent children under 28 years old - and parents 

  • The Maltese citizenship can be obtained for the investor, their spouse, children under 26 years old and parents of the main applicant

  • The passport of Dominica can be arranged for yourself, your spouse, children and parents.


Moreover, some Caribbean programmes allow you to obtain citizenship for extended family. For example:



The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Grenada enables you to arrange a second passport for your spouse, children, parents, grandchildren as well as siblings. 


Okay, now I feel more confident. On getting a European passport, e.g. in Cyprus, I’ll be able to live in any EU country. Is that right?


Absolutely. The passport of an EU member state Cyprus allows you to live, work and study in any EU country. Moreover, with the Cypriot citizenship you can relocate to the UK and apply for permanent residence and citizenship later on. 


Thus, you’ll have full freedom to choose your place of residence. At any time, you’ll be able to pick which EU country best fits your relocation plans.


I see. I’m not sure how much I’ll be willing to spend on a second citizenship. What options do I have? 


It depends on your circumstances and interests. The Astons experts will provide a thorough consultation and help you decide on a specific immigration programme and beneficial investment strategy. 


You can choose from a number of options. For instance, the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programme deemed the most beneficial immigration scheme in the world offers a minimum investment of €2,150,000. 


Meanwhile, the Caribbean immigration routes allowing you to relocate with the family and travel freely around the world require an investment of just $100,000 onwards. 


By investing into the economy of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia or Dominica a minimum sum of $100,000, you will obtain a passport that unlocks visa free travel to 140, 132 and 127 countries, respectively (including the EU and the UK). To participate in the immigration programmes of St Kitts and Nevis and Grenada, you’ll need to invest a minimum of $150,000.


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