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The UK Society is Divided on Immigration Matters in the View of the Upcoming Election


As the UK General Election comes closer, imigration and Brexit remain key topics for voters. In the looming election, a crucial demographic will comprise Brexit advocates - supporters of the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn of Labour has recently shared that under his government the UK could expect ‘a great deal of movement’. The Tories, on the other hand, are committed to the end of free movement and Australian-style points-based system.


There are a lot of issues that make EU free movement challenging. These include dissimilar economies and quality of life in the EU member states. Also, the lack of a common language is an obstacle towards closer integration.


Some UK nationals wonder why there is no free movement with the Commonwealth partners such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, the supporters of ‘CANZUK’ free movement get their share of criticism for favouring the ‘white Commonwealth’.


However controversial, Brexit may provide the UK a chance to introduce a well-thought immigration system. A system that would factor in a plethora of criteria, including English skills, political and legal culture of the source countries. The reported success of the current UK immigration policy has largely focused on economic rather than social indicators. Many voters would like to see a change in this regard.


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