The Republic of Cyprus is Planning to Join the Schengen Zone in September 2020


Last year, Cyprus has applied for joining the Schengen zone in September 2020. The Republic of Cyprus has been in the EU since 2004 and the eurozone since 2008. In 2020, Cyprus is poised for even deeper integration.


This step has to be approved by the European Parliament. There might be certain concerns and delays due to the status of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Cyprus’s Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides requested the EU authorities to define how the government of Cyprus can access EU’s internal data and ensure the country’s security in regard to people entering Cyprus.


The request was filed for safety reasons. The EU initiated a five-stage review of the request and tackled the issues associated with the ‘green line’. Membership in the Schengen club will count as the Cypriot government’s accomplishment in terms of national security. Based on the predominant moods in the EU, the Schengen states would be more prone to dismissing old members than admitting new ones.


By that token, the French President Emmanuel Macron announced last year that the Schengen Treaty should be reviewed. He mentioned that the members that failed their responsibilities in border protection might end up outside of Schengen in the future.


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