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The Conservatives Presented to the Public Their Post-Brexit Immigration Policy


Since the Conservatives won the general election, they will introduce the Australian-style points-based immigration system. The governing party has now come up with a detailed account of their plans as regards migration.


This document explicitly states the end of free labour movement and lays out three post-Brexit visa categories.


#1 is ‘exceptional talent/contribution’ spanning entrepreneur and investment visas. This category covers highly educated migrants and exceptional talents as well as sponsored entrepreneurs establishing a new business. The category will not require a job offer and will enjoy the privilege of fast-track entry. In fact, it’s the same old Tier 1 with a facelift.


#2 is ‘skilled workers’, or what we are used to calling Tier 2. These workers will need to match the criteria of the points-based system. As opposed to the Australian system, the UK edition will require a job offer for most of these jobs. Some people pertaining to the category, such as NHS workers, will also be granted fast-track entry and reduced fees.


#3 is ‘sector-specific rules-based’. This category aims to replace free movement labour from the EU. Here, the UK officials will try to fill the demand in specific sectors with a respective number of visas. ‘Sector-specific rules-based’ may include low-skilled labour, youth mobility or short- term visits. These visas will be limited in time and will not provide a route to settlement.


The document also covers the new role of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). MAC is now required to publish an annual report advising the Government on how to lower net migration while keeping the gaps filled. MAC will also keep track of the needs on the labour market.


Another crucial point is governmental control over immigration and illegal overstaying beyond 2022. After that year, all migrants will be provided with a digital status. It will facilitate enforcement and give law-abiding migrants a clear opportunity to prove their legal status.


All migrants will be required to pay the health surcharge for each year of the visa unless they have achieved a settled status, i.e. until they’ve stayed in the country for at least 5 years. The conservatives also proclaim equal treatment of EEA and non-EEA migrants as regards access to benefits. The UK officials will cooperate with the Australian and Canadian experts for benchmarking and sharing best practices.


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