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The Conservative Manifesto Stipulates an Australian-style Points-Based System in the UK


The Conservatives launched a manifesto that aims to present an agenda for the nation’s next government. The manifesto confirms that the Tories will introduce an Australian-style immigration system after Brexit. Boris Johnson himself has vouched for the new undertaking and guaranteed its integrity to the voters.


According to the system, the UK will give priority to migrants with good command of the English language, law-abiding citizens in their birth countries, people with good education and skill sets. All in all, the new rules resemble the Tier 1 (General) visa that was terminated by the Conservatives in 2011.


The manifesto states that most people will require a job offer to enter the UK. This means that the points-based system will supplement the existing Tier 2 employer sponsorship route.


The Conservatives are planning to improve the old immigration system by focusing on the skills and contribution of migrants. Besides, the system will encompass more routes to tackle shortage in different areas (e.g., NHS) and bring along innovation (e.g., post study work, science and technology, and start-up visas).


The manifesto names no specific targets, yet it states the overall figures will drop. The Tories are also promising to curb the number of low-skilled workers in the country, keep serious criminals off the borders and carefully monitor who enters and who exits the United Kingdom. At the same time, they are willing to make the immigration system “more fair and compassionate”.


The migrants will pay the Immigration Health Surcharge contributing to the NHS - currently, £800 per person per year. The Conservatives also plan to limit the perks of the EU nationals, same as non-EU residents. The manifesto maintains that the EU Settlement Scheme works well and guarantees European citizens their existing rights in the UK.


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