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The British Attitude Towards Immigration Improved Since the 2016 Referendum


According to a survey, the UK public has ceased to view immigration as negatively as in the EU referendum year. That said, the issue still remains in place and divides the British society.


47% of respondents now believe that immigration has benefited the UK against 29% who emphasised the negative effect. The group that would curb the levels of immigration shrank by almost 20% from 66% in June 2015 to 54% as of late.


Apparently, the UK nationals would like their political leaders to manage immigration, yet not to the scale offered by the public rhetoric. The survey indicates that immigration has become less topical than four or five years ago.


In 2016, 56% of the audience marked immigration as the most crucial issue in the UK. Last year, it only ranked third with 29%. The Windrush scandal in 2018 also changed public attitudes revealing absolute necessity for a balanced solution.


Brexit is still a divisive factor: 12% of voters to remain stated that immigration had provided a negative impact, 47% of voters to leave corroborated. The governmental measures to tackle migration find low support in the society, with 57% disapproving of Theresa May’s policy and 59% of Boris Johnson’s.


The survey has also uncovered contradictory attitudes. 49% of people believe immigration made the UK culture richer whereas 61% noted that most migrants were unable to integrate. Many respondents have given credit to the migrant contribution: 49% said more specialists need to enter the country to work in the NHS.


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