Whilst the pandemic continues, Second Citizenship has proven to be the smartest investment – a lifelong family insurance invaluable in a crisis and the only key to travel freedom across closed borders.

St. Kitts & Nevis: Final Opportunity to Make Huge Savings on Family Second Citizenship!

Time is nearly up! The offer of St Kitts & Nevis Family Citizenship at $150,000 ends in only 25 days. This is the final call for family citizenship applicants to apply at the single applicant cost, with an additional 50% discount on Astons Legal Fees. These savings combine to present the most cost-effective citizenship programme of 2020 – second passports will never be this competitive again! Apply today to secure your application before the end of 2020.

  • Fast Remote Processing.
  • Best Family Offer 2020 — 2nd Citizenship for a Family of up to Four, at the Single Applicant Cost.
  • Passports in Just Two Months.


St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

An alternative St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship route is to invest $200,000 in a real estate investment – with a fixed minimum value, regardless of the number of family members. This presents the ideal option for investors looking to acquire a share in one of the best Caribbean resorts, with rental income and future resale opportunities. Investing in Real Estate carries the following benefits:

  • Regular Rental Income and Return on Investment
  • Short Five-Year Mandatory Investment Term, After Which the Property Can be Resold.
  • Two to Six Weeks Annual Holiday Allowance.

Government Approved Real Estate Projects in St. Kitts & Nevis


Fractional Beachfront Villa Ownership

Beds: 3

From $ 250,000

High-quality three-bedroom & three-bathroom spacious beachfront villas in a luxury resort located on Nevis Island. This sophisticated development is situated in a quiet cove surrounded by golden beaches and clear waters, offering stylish seaside living with a lounge, restaurant and swimming pool. Residents enjoy direct beach access, room service, on-site management and a 24/7 security service.

Ownership includes four weeks of personal vacation entitlement per annum and provides property maintenance services for the first five years.


Share in a Luxury Resort Development

Beds: 1

From $ 220,000

An investment share in a 5-star hotel, operated by a world-renowned brand. The resort features 134 rooms and suites surrounded by world-class amenities including a superyacht marina. It promises an unrivalled hospitality experience, ideal for enjoying a sun-soaked holiday, with the calmness of the Caribbean Sea and soft golden sand. The hotel is located in Banana Bay at the tip of the southeast peninsula of St. Kitts. Ownership includes two weeks of personal vacation entitlement per annum.


Fractional Beachfront Villa Ownership

Beds: 2

From $ 200,000

This charming development offers chic coastal living on Nevis Island, close to the golden beaches. Each villa comprises two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Residents enjoy direct beach access, room service, on-site management and a 24/7-security service with a key card entry system and secure car parking. The complex offers concierge and reservation services for the convenience of guests including taxi and limousine hire services, dining reservations, airline bookings and assistance with charters and water taxis.

Ownership includes four weeks of personal vacation entitlement per annum and property maintenance services for the first five years.


Full Hotel Unit Ownership

Beds: 1

From $ 445,000

Spacious condominiums for full ownership in a deluxe beach resort located on Pelican Bay, featuring panoramic ocean views and lush landscapes. This lavish resort is located on the west coast of Nevis Island, positioned in 5.2 acres with over 650 feet of beachfront property. The development comprises over 100 properties with a mixture of luxury, standard and master suites, all for individual sale. Resort facilities include a beach club, restaurant, fitness centre, spa and pool.

It is conveniently located in just ten minutes from the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport in the popular Frigate Bay area.


Fractional Luxury Villa Ownership

Beds: 4

From $ 450,000

These newly developed villas on the Southeast Peninsula of St. Kitts come with 4-bedrooms and offer spacious indoor and outdoor living areas perfectly suited for the culture of the harbour. With a location on the Southeast Peninsula of St. Kitts, these outstanding properties are within a short walk of The Pavilion Beach Club. This boutique destination and dining club offer exceptional catering with natural pools, waterfall showers and a cabana bar positioned alongside the beach. Ownership includes five weeks of personal vacation entitlement per annum.

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