Quebec Immigration Agents Face Scrutiny After CBC Report

After News Investigation, Investment Migration Council Promotes Stronger Ethics


A recent investigative report by CBC Radio Canada had led to a statement by the CEO of the Investment Migration Council (IMC), Mr. Bruno L’ecuyer. The news report aired following a background investigation into the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). This program enables select investors to immigrate to Canada. CBC Radio Canada had a team of journalists pose as investors in Hong Kong in which they exposed a few agents trying to circumnavigate the requirements of the QIIP.

In an open letter, IMC’s L’ecuyer reiterated the importance of agents adhering to the ethical standards and rules that are essential parts of the QIIP. L’ecuyer stated, “We must take it upon ourselves to protect the industry that we helped to pioneer. By being open about the rigorous processes that aspiring citizens must go through, we can avoid the opacity that sours so much of the discourse around investment migration.” He also pointed out that attempting to violate the rules around the QIIP could have serious personal and professional implications for agents who provide poor advice to their clients.  

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