Almost 75% of the Home Office’s final appeals of immigration court rulings fail

Home Office appeals against immigration rulings – 75% lost

Rcos points drop to the lowest in 8 months

The number of points which is required in order secure a Restrictive Certificate of Sponsorship (RCos) has dropped to its lowest level since December 2017 – 21 points.

How To Get A UK Student Visa

Following the Brexit vote there has been a degree of confusion as to who will or will not need a student visa to study in the UK. As far as education goes, there is little room to leave things to chance and it is much better to ensure that all the boxes have been ticked before you arrive, rather than to take any unnecessary risks. Here we look at how to get a UK student visa.

Brexit: EU migrants ‘to receive right to remain’ in UK in event of no deal

EU Migrants Right to Remain with No Deal Brexit

Brexit is Benefitting UK Universities

How Is Brexit Helping British Universities?

Brexit Brings More Attention to Citizenship by Investment Programs

Are Citizenship by Investment Programs Being Used for Fraud?

Limiting Investor Visa Schemes

The member states of the European Commission were encouraged by the EC to control the issuing of investor visas to non-nationals

UK Immigration from EU lowest in four years according to National Statistics figures

In 2017, The Office for Online Statistics ( ONS) stated that EU migration was at its lowest over the previous four years

ID plan proposed for UK

According to the think tank Policy Exchange, there should be an ID registration scheme in the UK for EU citizens who want to remain post Brexit

Montenegro to Open Europe’s 4th Citizen Investment Program

Montenegro Announce Citizen Investment Program from 1st October

How to Get EU Citizenship in only 180 Days

For those who want the freedom for their family to live and work in the UK and Europe, it’s incredible to think that you could be a single investment and 180 days away from achieving that very prospect.

Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules: HC1154 of 15 June 2018

The recently published Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules: HC1154 of 15 June 2018, welcomed several changes and revisions, including changes relating to the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa category, namely the following:

Tier 2 Visas: Recruitment Guidance

UK immigration is complex. For the individual applying to visit the UK to either work or study, there are a plethora of regulations and obstacles to overcome. But what about the employer? What if your company wants to hire a skilled worker and feel that the role would be best met by a none UK citizen, what then? Here we look at the issue of UK immigration from the point of view of the employer, and put together a checklist of what they need to do.

5 Great Reasons to Study in London

A graduate who regrets studying abroad is rare. A graduate who regrets studying in London is almost non-existent.

If you are going through your options for where to study, we would advise considering London. It’s a bustling city full of new experiences and traditional delights, with a multi-cultural, international community that is far more welcoming than you might expect. Our visa experts at will be able to help you through the process of attaining a UK student visa, so contact us today and find out what you need to get your visa application started.

Here are some of the reasons that London is an excellent place to study.

First Year in the UK: What to Expect

You’ve finally made the jump; you’ve got your student visa or your spouse visa, or some other type of UK visa, and you’re living in the United Kingdom. ‘What’s next?’ Is a question many recently relocated people ask themselves.

It’s an obvious question, but the answers are far from clear for most. Thankfully, we are here to take you by the hand and guide you through just a few of the things you can expect now that you’re living in the UK.

Becoming a UK Citizen: Criteria & Requirements

They’re a pretty awesome bunch, the British, so it’s no surprise that many folks are taking the jump and applying for UK citizenship. However, it is a surprise that so many folks don’t have the slightest idea about what is required to become one.

It’s not overly complicated, but there are a few things you should know before going down the path of becoming a UK citizen.

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