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New Global Talent Visa Forthcoming



  • The Home Office announced it will launch a new fast track Global Talent Visa Scheme for select applicants in the science, technology and mathematics (STEM) sector later in the year.
  • The new Scheme is based on the existing Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa route and will include an initial three-year duration in which applicants and their eligible dependents will be able to enter the United Kingdom without restriction and with no need for an existing job offer or any salary requirements. After three years, applicants will be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.
  • Existing selection criteria will be relaxed so applicants will not need to have been awarded a Research Fellowship and the annual cap of 2,000 per year will be removed.



  • Likely increase in applicants. This route is likely to become more popular as applicants benefit from relaxed salary, role and travel rules as well as a fast track to settlement.
  • Fast track to ILR continues. Those who obtain ILR in the United Kingdom after just three years will be able to reside in the United Kingdom permanently and access benefits and healthcare on the same basis as UK nationals.
  • Change of name not substance. The main features of the new Global Talent Visa are similar to the existing Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Scheme, however the government will rebrand the Scheme and expand it to attract a greater pool of top scientists.


Next steps

  • Further details of the Scheme are expected to be released this year once the Home Office has reviewed the existing eligibility criteria. Once available, the newly branded Global Talent Visa is likely to be increasingly used if the selection criteria are sufficiently relaxed, but this is may be insufficient to curb concern surrounding the impact of a no-deal Brexit in the science sector.
  • More broadly, concerns related to labour shortages are likely to remain high. However, if the trend to relax and liberalise immigration controls post Brexit continues, immigration is likely to rise post Brexit. This may prompt the Home Office to consider re-introducing additional controls in the long term after Brexit.
  • Please keep checking our blog for further developments.


Nathan Woodcock


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