Migration Advisory Committee Reviews Australian Immigration System by the UK Request


The UK officials asked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review Australia's and other similar immigration systems and make recommendations for the immigration system of post-Brexit UK. The MAC is an independent body sponsored by the Home Office that consults the UK government on migration matters.


The government also shared with the public that in case of no-deal Brexit, it will resort to a European Temporary Leave to Remain scheme (Euro TLR) suggested by Theresa May’s government. Also, the UK government will reinforce tighter security controls to prevent serious criminals from entering the country.


What’s in the MAC review?


Benchmarking with global immigration rules. The MAC will assess Australia's and other points-based immigration systems to beef up the UK labor market with highly skilled specialists while terminating free movement and imposing greater control over migrants.

Points-based system. The new immigration system is supposed to add points awarded to migrants based on various criteria such as education, command of the English language and skills. These attributes will be factored in as well as salary thresholds. The latter are already reviewed by MAC to clarify applicant eligibility under new rules.  

Revamped immigration system. The MAC will submit the report and recommendations to the Home Secretary in January 2020. The new system is scheduled for January 2021.

High skill talents. The MAC recommendations should help to shape a labour market that addresses the needs of the UK economy after Brexit. That said, in practice the government may be very selective in terms of the recommendations.


Immigration plans for a no-deal Brexit


European Temporary Leave to Remain. According to the Euro TLR scheme, individuals from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals will be able to enter the UK after Brexit. Once in the country, they will need to apply for Euro TLR if they’d like to stay after December 31, 2020. This is good news for businesses and EEA/Swiss nationals who were intimidated by an ‘overnight’ termination of free movement.


Euro TLR timeframe. The time period for the scheme is three years. After this term expires, the applicants will either have to leave the UK or apply for status under the new rules.


Digital status. Similar to the rules under the EU Settlement Scheme, applicants will be granted a digital status. The entire application will be free, simple and available on the web after Brexit.


Tougher border security checks. The government will enforce stricter border controls to keep serious criminals clear of the UK borders in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


Right to employment. Employers don’t have to make a difference for EEA and Swiss employees entering the UK before and after Brexit. That is until the new immigration system comes into effect in 2021.


There has been gossip about the immediate end to free movement, yet at this point the UK retains the status quo. That said, by default the United Kingdom will leave the EU on October 31, 2019, without a deal - unless another deal or extention emerges. We advise businesses to have a backup plan handy to avoid possible post-Brexit issues.


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