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Migrants Unfairly Accused of English Test Cheating Will Get their Leave to Remain


After a legal appeal, the Home Office will now grant a 2.5 years leave to migrants who were wrongfully accused of cheating on their English language test. The migrants who won a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) appeal according to their Article 8 rights can now remain in the UK for a long term.


The Home Office commitment is a result of a judicial review on behalf of a migrant who was  cleared of cheating charges, yet was only given two months’ leave. The migrant in question and their fellow successful appellants will now be able to stay for two and a half years.


Quoting the Home Office, “where a TOEIC appeal is allowed outside the rules on Article 8 ECHR grounds, and it is established that the person did not cheat in the TOEIC exam, that the appropriate grant of leave is 2.5 years”.


In the past six years, thousands of UK visa applicants have won their cases after being unjustly accused of cheating on their TOEIC test.


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