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Labour Claims the New Immigration System in the UK Will Focus on Values, not Numbers


According to the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, a Labour government would bring forward values rather than figures as the key decision-making factor behind immigration. Abbott’s statement comes on the heels of the party’s radical manifesto recently unveiled in Birmingham by Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Abbott emphasised the importance of family integrity. As an example, Labour would remove the rules that could make a UK resident’s partner leave for not meeting the financial thresholds. Both Abbott and Corbyn believe it’s high time the UK shifted its migration discourse on the both flanks.


Labour has its own history of unpopular decisions as regards immigration. In 1968, home secretary Jim Callaghan introduced legislation to decrease migration from East Africa under pressure from the opposition. Abbott commented that Callaghan was one of the Labour officials who’d made a mistake on the issue. Not so long ago, Labour’s Ed Miliband also suggested controls on immigration as part of his 2015 election campaign.


In 2018, 83 people were wrongly deported from the UK as part of the notorious Windrush scandal. That said, the aftermath of the story lay the foundation for a new type of dialogue between Labour and the Tories. Conservative manifestos have consistently suggested reduction of net migration. Now, Boris Johnson has rejected the previous goals and is planning to introduce an Australian-style points-based system.


So far, the Labour party falls behind the Tories in the polls, yet Abbott assures that Corbyn is ready for the Prime Minister position and has a solid ground to tackle numerous issues including immigration.


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