Home Office Threatens EU Citizens with Deportation If They Miss Registration Deadline


After Brexit, the Home Office would deport EU nationals who failed to apply for the right to remain in time, said minister Brandon Lewis. Should they miss the deadline, they’d have to go even if they fitted all other residency criteria. 

1.8 million people had already filed applications under the EU Settlement Scheme. Others have time until December 31, 2020, in case of a no-deal Brext, or until June 30, 2021, if there is a deal. The Home Office announced that it would allow extensions for those who missed the deadline on "reasonable grounds".

There is no precise figure for EU nationals currently living in the United Kingdom. According to the Migration Observatory, the number could be around 3.3 million people. This excludes citizens of Ireland who have settlement rights in line with the UK-Ireland separate agreements.

In an interview to German Die Welt Mr Lewis said that valid immigration rules would be applied to EU citizens who hadn’t registered in time and had no adequate excuse. Theoretically, this could also affect the citizens who met the legal requirements for residence.

EU nationals applying for status need to provide proof of identity, show that they live in the UK and report criminal convictions if any. Once the settlement status is achieved, they can use the National Health Service, study, access public funds and travel in and out of the United Kingdom.

By the end of September, the Home Office has processed and finalised 1.5 million applications of 1.8 million submitted. 61 percent were granted settled status whereas 38 percent were provided pre-settled status. The latter can be updated once the applicant has continuously lived in the UK for five years. 0.5% of cases were marked as resulting in "other outcomes".

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